Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's A Dog's Life - 3 Word Wednesday

Three Word Wednesday

Anxious; Devoted; Scrawny

It's A Dog's Life

God! Am I all in!
I would collapse of it if
I warn't so anxious.
Got me the word here
says you are all devoted
but I wish you'd go
t'other some damn where
and leave me be, leave me be.
I gots a scrawny
doggy heart, I know
and broken teeth too by Gaw,
and horny hard feet
and a down home smell
and possum for my supper,
not enough for you.

‎January ‎15, ‎2014 8:48 AM


  1. Ha ha this is a funny one. Love it Christopher

  2. Both the poetry and the picture made me smile. I never saw three dogs that looked so much like three goats.

  3. I hope nobody thinks these teeth are actually dog's teeth. Photoshop...

  4. <3 Christopher! This is really sweet.

  5. Thanks for the morning smile! Good work on photoshop!


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