Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I've Come Back - Three Word Wednesday

Three Word Wednesday
Faithful; Isolate; Scrutinize

Tom Waits was singing and I picked it up...

I've Come Back

Oh it's time, time, time
for the faithful to declare
themselves as true blue,
and me, time. time, time
that I do not isolate,
no longer alone,
no longer delayed.
I know you scrutinize signs
and shadowy forms
of love's whispered sense
of grace. I shall stroke the strings
of my life for you.

‎January 8, ‎2014 8:22 AM


  1. Beautiful..and gravelly/earthy like his voice..enters your innards and makes you roar...wasn't there a Frank the chihuahua with bad skin?

  2. I shall stroke the strings
    of my life for you. beautiful

  3. The picture certainly took me back to the halcyon days of childhood when life was much simpler. "The shadowy forms of love's whispered sense" too were such relaxing words to read.

  4. I agree with Sheilagh...just beautiful...Imagine a guy writing those lines for you....I am very pleased this will never happen to me...I get into enough trouble without it:)
    Lovely poem !

    1. LOL! Me too! My heart comes up with this stuff sitting here and there are people I do express love for in my life but its been years since I have been in this sort of thing. Thank you, God!

  5. a beautiful song to music that flows...


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