Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's A New Year - A Magpie Tale

"New York At Night" photo by Vivienne Gucwa, chosen by Tess at The Mag 201 as a creative prompt for those who love to work and love to read.

It's A New Year

I walk the late streets,
the shiny streets, water slicked
with much less traffic
than at noon for sure.
The time is perfect for me
to think of the way
you would look at me
in those other moonlit nights,
so far away now,
navigated lanes
of time peeled back leaving raw
shapes of bone and hair.
It must be love, dear.
I don't understand this love
nor stone truth be known
do I understand
any other or life either
though I must live it.

‎January ‎5, ‎2014 9:37 AM


  1. ha..labirint of ' raw
    shapes of bone and hair.' ~ seems we have to see better from the distance of years

  2. love the navigated lanes of time.....excellent write all round..x

  3. Lost love remembered, conjured in moonbeams; very moody & effective; like the way it blends rawness & romance; thanks.

  4. This sounds like a walk of loss.. the image and your words pull together a strong image of loneliness and melancholy.

  5. This is as beautiful as it can get when you've walked a few roads, this is the voice of wisdom.


  6. lovely poem..the time is perfect to remember...

  7. love this sad overture .... and vivid images..

  8. This lover of stones and bones connected here...thank you...

  9. Curiously refreshing; well done.

  10. Ah, Christopher! Still the lost lover! Hugs, old friend! Happy New Year!

    1. Hmmm. I got this frame down doncha think? I posted two poems Sunday written back to back for two different sites. The Sunday Whirl was written, finished and posted at 8:35 AM while waiting for this one not yet available to me and then I posted this one at 10:01 AM. Short work. My poems are cartoons, I guess. I write them because I can, not necessarily because they are current. I wouldn't write so many if all I had was my soul as a source. I rely on external prompts mostly these days. I still have the urge to write.

  11. Your words define me, and a few lucky others.... evening walks are the best ever.

  12. Ah, Christopher .. a big sigh and smile from me! Keep them coming, prompts are forever!!

  13. Replies
    1. It's a vacation for me to live in the romantic.


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