Friday, January 10, 2014

To Each In Their Places

Real Estate Ad: House for sale, no longer zoned duplex. Main house a two bedroom, one bath with remodeled kitchen, gas heat, front entrance ramped in wood for wheel chair access. Garage attached. In the rear and separate, a spacious studio apartment attached by a breezeway roof in order to create a legal duplex in a neighborhood zoned for duplexes at the time of upgrade. The apartment, a former two room garden shed totally remodeled in 1999, a kitchen and bath added, the whole completely finished. The garden shed: the oldest building in the neighborhood, once a part of the original farm prior to the current land use. Grandfathered in place in perpetuity so long as the roof outline remains unaltered. The front house was built in the seventies. Owner has moved on. Price negotiable.

All I ever got
was a small house, a small lot
city sized though with
an even smaller
back house I rented to my
former lover once.
I thought oh maybe
last chance but she moved quickly
on to buy fancy
up the road a piece,
over the bridge, up the hill
among the rich folks.

Me, I stayed down there
on the flat but high enough -
no flood insurance
needed. So much for
loving the soulful rich girl
beyond my orbit.

‎January ‎10, ‎2014 5:41 AM

1 comment:

  1. I should explain this is only partly a true story. :D Which parts I leave to you.

    Except this: don't think ill of the former lover who really is soulful, not all that rich and who behaved honorably at the time, dealing with the usual life complexities.


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