Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sandy Hook

When Adam Shot Them Down
Sandy Hook, December 14, 2012

How do we do this,
you asked me and I could hear
the crack in your soul
caused by the cracking
air and the smells, oh the smells
and the hues spilled out
all across the ground
before us on the hot screen
while they yammered on.

We feel the bitter
clench in the sweaty curtains
at the winter panes
of frozen crystal.
It's one shitty year and more
since little dead cries
were slapped down, leaking
love and dreams and all sweetness
there was in the world.

How can I go now?

‎January ‎21, ‎2014 5:54 AM


  1. i can not understand this kind of desecration. i can't. words and sense leave me.


    1. Then I am grateful that perhaps there are things I can do you cannot...

      The world does go here again and again. You know it does.

      Loving you, dear friend. Lately people have remembered that they need to touch each other. In that spirit I hold you as tenderly as I know to do.

  2. yes, there are things i can not understand, can not bear, can not even repeat.

    and yet the smallest kindnesses are enough to break me too. yesterday james driving back to the U.S. found himself plunged into a snowbank and in moments a truck of fine young men stopped, jumped out, dug him out and waved him on. there are good good people in the world. damned good. and it is easy to be good. what little effort it takes.

    i hold you in return. might we all hold one another ... (!)


    1. Yes, indeed. It is possible to find kindness too. I spend my days in such a community of kindness. Miracles of healing happen. You are one of my oldest blogging friends. I cherish your presence.


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