Thursday, January 9, 2014

Said This Way and That

Oh God, I don't know
how to unwrap my cramped hands,
my fingers fat claws
and this chain rusted
with oceans upon oceans,
the anchor down deep
dragging some unknown
bottom, not catching ahold,
not digging deeper
as it must to catch
the world and slow me as I
sail on, on and on.

I am astonished
how I chose calico fur
like some Cheshire boy.
I thought like that cat
I could disappear at will
leaving smiles behind.

‎January ‎9, ‎2014 5:47 AM


  1. I love how the poem connects the images.
    and how the words manage to evoke a felt sense of the actual material stuff in the visuals.
    have been reading and enjoying through my own fallow time... nice to be commenting.

    1. Harlequin, I think of you. I suspect you have sufficient complications. Life has gotten knotty for me so maybe I just project. It's not all bad. I have a very sweet big dog living in the house I have moved to and a calico cat (never had a calico before). I live with a couple ladies. One owns the house and the other rents like I do. I have the basement but I have to share with the washer and dryer. I am trying to sell my house.


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