Monday, January 13, 2014

Two Ways

2 Samuel 6 - 14 ...David danced with all his might before the Lord: and David was girded with a linen ephod...

Handmaids Watch David Dance Naked

The ephod was as named here probably made similar to an apron. As an article of clothing worn by priests (the high priest especially) it was perhaps improper for David as King to wear such a thing.

Also, the generally accepted interpretation is that David wore nothing else. If it was an apron style garment, then David was bare, head, neck, back and ass, legs and feet, and the apron probably did not always cover him below the waist frontally either in his energetic dance. A king naked before the Lord is a king in all humility, showing himself to be only a man, apparently devoid of royalty, only a man before God and subjects alike.

Thus the controversy arises, for a king is royal by exalted blood and raised above men and must be so or else he has no authority. It is for this reason that kings are often considerred gods themselves, to anchor authority over the kingdom. God is not generally visible either now or then. If the king is not clothed in the traditional way, then how are people to know that he is blessed by God? Why should they follow him?

Two Ways

King David dove in.
The strong new wine was that deep.
As he climbed back out
he found his daring
and began his whirling joy
about the fire set
before the Ark's glow,
the holy shrine of YHWH.
He stripped to God's skin
given him by birth
and aging, scars and marks, all
the signs of the earth,
the world God permits
though it drapes the King God loves.
King David, he danced
despite all protests,
sure of God's love in the dream
of His Kingdom come.

Wise men shook their heads
at David. God calls the wise
to caution near Him.
This too is righteous.

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  1. I find myself afflicted by an inability to put words to what is floating around my mind about religion, dancing, and various allusions to the Christ as a dancing saviour. Having said that, there is something beautifully earthy, natural, and yet mystical about your poem. I find it a delight.

    1. And you have assisted me just now, David is a pattern, of course. We know this as basic to Christology as it is handled these days - that David foreshadows the Christ and is one facet of the image likeness. Thus we can forecast not only Jesus in David, literally His ancestor, but as well then the core of ourselves as well. We too are of royal blood. We too can be called to the mystical dance out of that heritage, which is certainly ours, one facet of our Holy space. And as well we are the wise men who can criticize such foolishness as inappropriate to our responsibility. The tension in it is ours as well, All three facets, the fool's joy, the wise caution, and the living tension are holy and true to life on the planet.

  2. On faceBook I introduced the link to this post by writing:

    I have long held love for David. He is in his dance a model for me before God and also in his failures before God too. So too the dervishes of Islam, the poet of Persia, Hafiz, and the followers of Bhakti yoga in India. Buddha, though he started as royalty, divested himself and he too was basically naked in the forest. If we cannot express joy, then where is the juice to go? It is in this spirit I am called as poet and write of the human condition as if it were itself sacred.

  3. Yes yes this is all very interesting :) so much to say. This is good. This is all very good :)

  4. I need to ponder this one Chris....


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