Friday, December 11, 2009

You Have Found Your Way

It's always a dialog. I know that too. Even in the alone moments, even if only talking to myself, it is always dialog that makes a difference. The space between, the distance, is required. That is why for me God cannot only be within, and the experience of God's presence cannot only be an inner knowing, and also why this whole thing does not make sense for me without God. It's always dialog and the distance that permits dialog.

I am making no claim for ultimate reality. I am making the claim for the reality of my own spiritual walk, the level of spirit appropriate to my destiny, to the agreement that has me on the planet. I will never really make a good Buddhist. I need someone to wrestle with. Buddhists will tell you God may or may not be there, but He is not necessary. I can only reply, that is not this lifetime for me.

Likewise I really need all of you. I need the distance and the dialog. I need the love. Love is the distance. There is a myth, I think, that claims for soul mates a union like the embrace implied in many wedding ceremonies, that the two shall be as one. No. Love is the distance and the tension and the resolution and the high of very temporary orgasmic union (whether sexual or not, it subsides).

Years ago I had experiences like that on LSD and realized I was seeing the truth for real. I still think so. I tried very hard to stay there and my life told me in no uncertain terms it was not going to happen that way because love is the distances and the tension.

Love is the power that joins polarities.

You Have Found Your Way

The world love creates
possesses all the magic
clothed in white feathers,
able to lift us,
to provide powerful wings,
to provide the space
we need to begin
our own weaving of white light.

When you tell me this
I know you have found
your way into the magic,
into my sore heart.

March 5, 2009 11:50 AM


  1. I've dabbled in Buddhism, and I like your thoughts on the matter: I've never thought that balancing oneself nullifies all the factors that pull you in different directions, for better (God, love, the magic you write so well) or for worse. Taoism speaks a bit truer to me: the world is what it is, and we can love it or we can hate it, but you can't begin to improve it (or yourself) unless you love it (or yourself).

  2. Joseph, when I was getting into drugs, the guy leading me also suggested I check Taoism out. That was 1966. Yes. I resonate better to a great deal of Taoist perspective. I especially am devoted to a Taoist perspective of time, which is the principle dialog between Heaven, Earth and Man. Funny how Trinities are the Holy spread while Quaternities are their manifestation on the planet. Doesn't seem to matter what spiritual path you follow, the meaning, the quality of 1 thru 4 is very close to universal.

    I can also note, Buddhism as practiced in Tibet, China and Japan does include worship of Gods in many places. Goddesses too. Maitreiya, Kwan Yin. Amithabha Buddha of Pure Land Buddhism in Japan, said to be the most popular Japanese Buddhism.

  3. I'll leave the bit of religion aside. Never been a big fan of established religions.

    But something prompts me to explore the "Love is distance" theory. May be it is so, because it keeps the mystery alive. For me and some others I know, there exists the fear that once the mystery is dissolved, there is nothing more to the relationship. It is also one of the reasons why I do not agree with the tradition of marriage.

    I have always followed the pathway of love is oneness. Somehow, the commercial movies, books and quotes seem to exude this knowledge. I'd like to find out more about the Love is distance pathway now on. I'll let you know my thoughts on it once formed :)

  4. My sore heart blesses

  5. Vinisha, yes! After more than twenty years of marriage, I never found that oneness. After divorce and even death of my spouse, I still love her in the distance. I no longer find much remains of the two loves I had before my marriage, but I repeated the intensity of my relationship just before my marriage just after it with another woman. In both these relationships I did not seek to merge, instead what happened was an exaltation of her difference and mystery. This poetry that I do was transformed as a tool of relationship of bridging this gap in that two year alchemy.

    The next nearly five year relationship brought a completion in the rebirth of my music also in an attempt to bridge the gap. This woman is a fine musician, who is capable of being a music director for a church and a community choir master. This rebirth in my music also has continued beyond the relationship. One form of my spiritual practice takes place at the keyboard when I sit to practice my skills in improvisation (mostly in the key of Eb for some odd reason).

  6. {{{Michelle}}}

    I am building my nest there :)


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