Friday, December 18, 2009

Spiritual Judo

How to stay in love with nearly anyone, that’s a good question. I had a nearly five year committed relationship. Now she calls herself Francesca. She reads this blog sometimes. Hello Frances, I love you.

This poem comes from that relationship. I know this is what she did in her way as well with me. I am not that easy to take sometimes. This is how to stay in love, at least one way. We did separate. She emigrated to Canada. We have stayed in love. I know it’s true for her too. She’s still looking after my welfare just as she always has.

Spiritual Judo

When you give me looks
like that, I know you are just
about to tell me
what's good for me, what's
right by God, if I'll listen
to you this one time.
I long ago learned
how to use your force to throw
you past me, to give
you to God, saying
You deal with her, my Brother,
she's too much for me.

March 9, 2009 7:23 PM


  1. Haha. :D

    Sorry, no long thoughts on this one. Just one of those poems meant for me to sit back and smile. :)

  2. :) those are short thoughts too

  3. damned if you do, and damned if you don't...we do it for the eggs (says W. Allen)

  4. hA!

    I have someone you should have a talk with!

  5. To keep it short and sweet too, my comment is; i like that, all the way :)

  6. Brother God? I like for the rest, oh yeah :)

    Most excellent


  7. Michelle, yes...God is all things, no? Why not? Probably Elder Brother. It's only a hope, though, this passing along. She's probably too much for Him too, seeing as how she is Goddess as much as little sister. It's a family affair, this love thing.

  8. marvelous; simply marvelous. wow.

  9. Christopher-
    Love the part of throwing her ahead but shit, keep thinking you should have gotten more ambitious. Drink in the "too much for you"
    hmmm...and I'm wondering just exactly what erin is talking about.

  10. Yeh, and who. Nice to have your comment, Rick. And also you. Where does the ambition lead?

    I will freely cop to lazy, though. I am not an ambitious man. That's part of why it is hard for me to keep a lover. They always want me to do stuff.

  11. I love that you have to throw her to God to deal with! Ha!

  12. I bet you do something like that...


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