Friday, December 25, 2009

Touch And Go

I spent my Christmas with my family of choice. We ate well, feeding each other. We did not fight. No one got drunk. Not one of us got drunk, thank You, God. There were several places to go throughout the day. I did not get one present. I did not miss that except to acknowledge that the gifts are not tangible gifts any more. Now I am sitting here amongst you who read and comment, and as well the ones who only read. It is good and right that I am here as well.

My day started last night when I went upstairs from the AA meeting and joined the candlelight service the church was holding. This is a Unitarian Universalist congregation. I spent ten years among them trying a religious cloak on for size. It did not in the end work, though I still can return under certain self imposed future conditions. I sat there among them. There were many greetings and well wishes given to me. What was especially good, I ran into a friend I didn’t expect to see, a man who also went upstairs. I joined him, sat beside him in the service.

This is probably a Buddhist poem.

Touch And Go

I shall stand so still
I become light, a feather
in the holy wind
and each passing thought
shall not burst as I
touch, then let it go.

You said thoughts are delicate
bubbles drifting through
my mind, that I should
not break them open lest they
catch me up, away.

March 11, 2009 9:23 AM


  1. I love the thought of standing so still that I become light..........I love the silence of that thought.
    Love you...

  2. Inspite of the popular opinion that people are unhappy around the festive season with all the money going out of their pockets, I am glad to have found this one post which is full of universal content.

    :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  3. Yes, all of it, you standing in a church, your poem, the lightness. We all choose what we believe. We need no house to prove it. We need no gift in the hand to know it. It is with the float, that the truth resides.

    You are light, this christmas. It is a very good thing.
    happy holidays all through~

  4. Some of the best times this Christmas were the naps I had with my cat. That's what we do best with each other.

    Thanks, Erin, Vinisha for your words.

  5. I love this.

    I shall stand so still.....

    yep, yep, yep


  6. Then I will take care not to pop your bubble :)


  7. nice post christopher... i love this poem... the pensiveness of it matches nicely with the narrative above...

    hope that you're well and enjoying these days...


  8. Merry Christmas, Jon, and hopes for your successful new year.

  9. A feather in a holy wind. I would like to be thus, free to float as Abba wills. Instead I dig my heels and question, fight, argue, hold fast to me, like my reality is so perfect I could not leave it. Yet, what holds this holy wind? Might it be even more divine? I unearth one heel.....perhaps the other soon.

  10. It's just not so easy, hey? It is simple.

  11. Beautiful thought, Christopher, to be a feather in the holy wind.

    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  12. Naps with the cat...navigating the year,those too are some of my most treasured memories...

  13. Hey, Teri. I know you understand the cat thing.


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