Monday, December 21, 2009

The Wandering Jew

I did not die. I tried and did not die. It is my doom to wander the world. I watch. Sometimes I speak. When I speak I do not say who I am, where I have been, how long I have been on this journey, where I will go. When I speak I tell other secrets. They have told stories about me, that I am the victim of a curse. This is not true but the stories persist. Shalom Aleichem.

Heeding The Call

At every age
it is the same call but not
the same responding
because the hopes change
and the body will also
and time does speed up
and more stuff repeats.

It gets more urgent
and more relaxed. Both ways show
truth in my passing.
I have no time left
but I have all eternity.
What is still hottest?
That I show you how I love
and see you wake up.

March 10, 2009 11:49 AM


  1. Sometimes you leave me speechless. This has happened lots this week.....lucky for you! Plus I may be a little distracted...


  2. Snortling madly today C....ahhh, life is SO fun sometimes!

  3. This is just perfect! (I always say nothing is perfect, but I always --note the "always" -- speak in superlatives and mean them when I say them.)

    So let me start again. This poem is certainly apt for the season, even though it was written in March. To me? Nearly perfect!

  4. Karen, I do aim to please, if I can.

    Perfect exists, just not here. Excellent, brilliant, amazing, wonderful, all sorts of superlatives exist here so long as they allow for the spot of self created failure that resides in the heart of all things that arise in this world of change.

    Perfect exists and we use that kind of language so insistently that it stands as a kind of proof that we come from elsewhere. Where we come from perfect exists. It just does not exist here.

  5. ...and when we get back there, we'll know perfect!

  6. Indeed. Maybe this time the argument will be settled and I won't insist on coming back here!


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