Sunday, December 6, 2009

Too Damn Hot

I don’t know if you people love the poetry that tells you a real story as much as me but a master at it, you can find here at The Buffaloe Pen. She tells gritty stories of the South. Her site will lead you to really cool sites too, not only other blogs but as well quarterlies and other master poets. She wrote a great story poem involving a mule and so I wrote one too. I would highly recommend her archives. She publishes in many places, so she doesn’t post on her blog as frequently as I would wish. She will tell you where to find her poetry though.

Too Damn Hot

I sit, flick my long
brown ears at the flies, sit here
in this row all done
and I would laugh at
that skinny-two-legs plowing
without me, braying
out a long, long laugh
but she already bit me
once right on one ear
and I don't know what
she'll do next if I laugh now
but I ain't plowing,

not one more row here,
not today, it's too damn hot
and I'm too lazy.

March 2, 2009 2:56 PM


  1. I can totally relate to that donkey....snort!


  2. Loved it. Wish we really could hear what the animals think. Fun to consider and put words in their mouths though. Winnie the Pooh was chalk full of wisdom :)

  3. Annie, Winnie certainly showed how a bear of heart is wise even without much brain. This is something fundamental to reaching across the animal divide, the wisdom of the heart life is all they really have. You just have to understand what their passion is. In this way AA Milne nailed it.


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