Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walk On

In my last post we got around to how we need each other to traverse the spiritual distance between worlds. But maybe not this much.

There is a line in this one that points to a piece of my pie. "you were laughing with/all of me..."

I am convinced I am not all here, cannot be contained in finitude that way. That's what the line refers to, that the pratfalls I take are probably funny to me too from the celestial point of view. However, you don't see me laughing all that often down here in finite-land.

I am here because I am not all there. :) But I am there because I am not all here.

Walk On

I tried to lean on
your strength, your lead - slippery
slope that. All I got
was a muddy face
and you laughing. Then you said
you were laughing with
all of me about
my dependent need, how I'm
holding foolish hope
when all I have to
do is walk on down the lines
of my own great soul.

March 4, 2009 4:03 PM


  1. I really hate it when it gets to's just so damn annoying that we keep on forgetting....I love this one!

  2. Thank you, Michelle. I like it that you have a smile on your face.

  3. Yes, Christopher. This one is one I think I need to read.


  4. I think this is fantastic, Loved the last line of the text before the poem.
    The poem provides a good advice (at least I think) for whoever can/wants to hear it.

    Cool post man

  5. I often find that i get stuck in your prologue and then can't let the poetry in. I get caught by one notion at a time, when i am lucky. This, that we are not all here, that much of us resides elsewhere, I understand it. It is so strange, I've come to learn so much in the last couple years by writing it out and reading it in, that this human form does not allow me to be complete. I know it like a fact that can't be written out, could never convince anyone else. It's something that you have to arrive at on your own.

    Mmmm, and purging that I now see your poem and it is beautiful. But not so easily done, right?


  6. I delight in you, Erin. You leave me with a huge grin quite often. The leprechaun in me is up doing jigs.

    Yes indeed, we confirm this stuff for each other or not in rather abrupt ways because those not on the same page won't get there on our say so...or at least not without tremendous skill and grace on our part. And grace is a loaded word, no? It is a doorway to the divine. If I convince you of anything using grace, then I have to disclaim the result as mine, pass any success through to the divine spirit in me and beyond me.

    If my human form does not permit completeness because a critical part of me is not here, then your human form will not really substitute for that. This has to be true because the similar missing piece of you is what I would need.

    So that phrase we hear, "You complete me!" is not and cannot be true. However, I can often see divinity in you through my love easier than I see my own. The backwash of that lifts me up. I have lived this out. I know it is true for me. It is probably true for you too.

    We need each other because we get along better on the planet that way. We also need each other for the visions we can share, the vistas not of this world. Thus choosing friends and partners is as much a spiritual responsibility as it is erotic.

  7. Walk on down the lines of your own great soul. I just wrote a post about a similar sentiment you wrote a while ago. Living true, living the size of your true heart. It is a thread with me...weaving in and out. I have one foot planted on this world, and one raised in the ready to get the hell off.

  8. And as you know, Annie, I share in that poise. Poised for departure. Sometimes I do patience better than others.

    In the meantime I am engaged in finding love where I can. Amazingly, I notice I can be wholehearted in this practice while poised in the other.

  9. A soft steady voice - that's all we look for. Yet forget that to do so would require silence, even of the mind.

    Your poem is a sign. A reminder of promises forgotten to me. Thank you.

  10. I like that you addressed this second part, the you complete me part. Perhaps we're not all missing exactly the same parts in these physical forms but rather just off center that bit, we find ourselves just that bit closer to being fulfilled, closer to the devine, with our overlays of selves. I don't think any of us complete the other, but elevate, yes, when we are so lucky.

    (Thank you for valuing my ramblings.)

  11. Vinisha, you are welcome. You are welcome here.

  12. Often, Erin, this works in a more general way. Total strangers can perform this service for us, and we know this instinctively. It is easier to build trust for a few hours with someone (like on a flight with the seat mate), or a few days on an ocean passage. The divinity pokes through, the essential thing. We serve each other.

    In AA this phenomonon is enlisted in the interests of sobriety. We build intimacy there with people we would not ever meet anywhere else. I realized over the long haul that these people knew me better than my wife in certain ways. That was essential for the trust that permits the sacred to matter.

    Erin, I assure you that your native grasp of the important things is breath taking often, why you have so many fans and lovers over at your sites. We are all in this together. You are a lodestone. It is very good however to remain as humble and teachable as possible.

    xo back to you.


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