Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dry As Dust - Three Word Wednesday

For Three Word Wednesday Thom supplied the following:
Barren; Intense; Worry.

Dry As Dust

My barren old brain
thinks dessicated dread thoughts
that would be intense
if not so dried out.

I hem and then I haw out
the side of my head
which is good because
the worry beads plonk down
and hit the wool rug
with the muted thumps
which prove they are no longer
in the splinter bag
I keep just for you.

‎October ‎1, ‎2014 10:53 AM


  1. I hope that means the worries are gone.

  2. I hope the beads didn't get lost in the rug!

  3. Vivid strong images for every powerful.

  4. powerful that shows your brain is not barren and old



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