Monday, September 29, 2014

The Hunt

The Hunt

The fierce heart of birds
of prey take me into you,
into thoughts of snow
searching for your scent.

But now fall...

The eagle calls
your name after mine
and the aspens quake
beneath the force of that sound
in the hills while small
things dive into holes
and I am forced to open,
expose my secrets
to the clear fine air.

Someday I might be ready
for loving someone.
Someday I might get
my heart back, open my chest,
put it in its place.

‎April ‎25, ‎2014 1:48 PM
Modified September 29, 2014

This poem was composed in contemplation of a poem written by Irene Toh back in April of this year. As these things go, the call and response of poets to each other do not necessarily create direct statements and replies but the poems do move in some kind of tandem, however distant the connection may be.

See Orange Is A Fruit for the original version. To see more or less the whole series, go to New Poetry Collections and download Duet. It's free for the taking.

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  1. An impressive picture as well. The eagle, the only bird that is said to be able to look directly into the sun.


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