Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Drank The Cider

I Drank The Cider

I am not afraid,
no longer afraid of all
the posturing toads
who would be dragons.
In fact, bring me true dragons
and I will bop them,
drop them down and shut
their stinky mouths, sew them shut
with golden sinew.
That's the end of that.

October 12, 2010 2:23 PM

Remarkable. Have had a difficult day in many ways including my feeling good and at the end felt I needed to take the easiest way out posting to my blog. This showed up. It is a poem I wrote over four years ago but it fits my heart right now.

I guess I don't really think Keanu is a stinky dragon but his mouth is about right. Right now for me somebody else is. None of your business who.

Normally I would have posted on a site called Three Word Wednesday. I was not up to writing something new today.

This is happening more and more. I can see I am descending the slope a little over months and years. This is totally normal for older fellahs, which I am.

When I titled this poem, I was thinking of the American slang, "I drank the kool-aid" which of course refers to the Jim Jones debacle at Jonestown where the group suicide cyanide was administered by kool-aid. Hundreds died. This phrase then tries to identify how if others are trying to trick you, you help them by willingly taking the trick in. Or if they are not trying to trick you, then you are an even bigger fool.

The whole scene alludes to one of those "if only...then I would have been better off" deals as well. Keep your fricken mouth shut, Hileman! I will not ever go to the other alternative of censoring myself as I speak, at least not according to someone else's taste. But not speaking is do-able.

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  1. Not only is not speaking do-able, but I have been doing it to a great extent the past several years at least as compared to the 25 years before that. Probably even more now.


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