Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's A Long Walk

Photo by Tom Chambers, provided as a writing prompt by Tess for Magpie Tales: Mag 240

It's A Long Walk
Back To The House

Broken poem, no
sense to the signs or the fence,
the rusted barb wire
strips still connected
to the posts -

and far away
you've hung your last name
and all those pewter

I'm to think vital
thoughts and make a speech
in two days while you
hang yourself, hooked up
like sheets in the prairie wind
and fading, warble.

‎October ‎5, ‎2014 1:15 PM

I utilized all twelve words provided in Wordle 181 in Brenda Warren's Sunday Whirl


  1. I love the shock of the ending. Nicely wordled. Your images are strong.

  2. It twer November
    when she came to me
    twer November bouts
    when she left
    no sence with it
    just up an gone
    no reason for it
    lests I can tell
    like one of those
    sitcoms the Johnsons
    rave on about
    twer November then
    tiz october now
    was a long time back


  3. Intriguing, that's the word...

  4. Hello!

    Love your ending, the last four lines. Complete

  5. Quite a feat, working all those words in!

  6. Oh no not a hanging! Delightfully wild use of those words slipping nicely into a spine chilling Magpie.

  7. "Hanging like sheets in the prairie wind" I love that line. Everything was powerful and written with intent.

  8. I see that speech blowing on the sheets hanging on the line...tricky things keep moving so you can't write it down

  9. Thank you everyone. Comments or no. I do like telling little stories that almost make sense. *chuckling*

  10. very good with it's dark ending

  11. I do have one observation though. I never thought of "hanging" on a barb wire fence as a fatal situation in this poem. Sometimes you tear your skin as I did behind my knee one time in West Texas as a second grader. Hanging a person with barbed wire by the neck would indeed be nasty, but this picture is of a woman hung on a barb wire fence and she is unlikely to die or even wound herself very much. It is really easy to hang yourself on barbed wire without dying.

  12. You detailed a movie in my mind. Well done.

    1. Interesting. I kind of had a movie in mind when I wrote.

  13. OH MY, this was really great!!

    1. Amazing. I so rarely get signals that someone is combing through the archive. Thank you.


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