Thursday, October 30, 2014

Song To The Reaper

Evidently I was feeling my mortality back four years ago...

Song To The Reaper

Oh Lord Death, come here
and sit beside me, tell me
the secret to life
and I will revere
Your Holy Name, let it shine
in my soul, hey yeah.
Oh yeah treat me mean
and chain me to Your cold heart
so I'll hear the tick
of time sucking me
dry as I dance with Your love
meant to turn me to
dust. Oh yeah, hey yeah.

It's not the same here without
my old fantasies.

October 13, 2010 12:18 PM


  1. Skin on skin

    Lord death come sit with me
    But a moment
    Tug on my soul strings
    In that way only you can
    Oh yes I know
    Your touch
    The feel of skin
    On skin that only
    You can bring
    To this mortal coil
    You bring much to the table
    Sit with me a moment lord death
    Feel the flutter of my
    Finite breath
    It will only be a moment
    Of that you can assure me

    Chris McQueeney 10/31/14

    1. Possibly "of that oh please assure me" is closer to what you mean in the last line.

      At least I hope so.

    2. If it wasnt fiction I would too!

    3. The intent was "of that (only taking a moment) you can make sure"


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