Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Fire Mage

The Fire Mage
(The flame, the dirt, the wind, the rain)

I can no longer
hold to how right it is, not
in the face of you.
I took my axe, cut
you right out of the dusty
woodland of summer's
drying tangled maw.

Passion would have turned to flame.

I chopped you free as
I burned it all down
to renew the dead who called
to me in spirit.

October 9, 2010 3:49 PM

Typically we frown on people who set fires. In this day and age, the numbers of people happy to burn it down are far too heavy for the forests of the planet. In other times people would act as part of nature. There are places on the planet today where people practice slash and burn agriculture. There is a cycle they follow when they do it correctly and the result is a renewal of the forest. The forest is stronger for it. Again, these people act as agents for the biosphere, gaining for themselves but also giving to the forest in doing so.


The chicken crossed the road. That's poultry in motion.

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