Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Photoshoot - A Magpie Tale

Self Portrait by Vivien Maier chosen by Tess for this week's Magpie Tales writing prompt.

Sometimes it is just hell to be hooked up to an art photographer.

The Photoshoot

Yes... she means to be
just this confounding, Mister
Man - just this bent light
strange and mirror bright
and you can go ponder dreams
of clear quadratic
nature, sing grand high
hymns to joy some other time.
She's got the bathroom
for the duration,
Bucko. The gas station's three
blocks, then to the left.

‎October ‎12, ‎2014 11:17 AM


  1. Haha - A delightful piece, Bucko!

  2. Thanks for the smiles. I'm especially loving the ending.


  3. This brought a smile to my face. That should be an unspoken rule, when a woman is occupying the restroom, even for a selfie, men may as well head out to the 7-11. Lovely piece.


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