Sunday, September 7, 2014

Holy Trinity - A Magpie Tale

Image from Tess for Mag 236

Holy Trinity

Mother, Daughter, Ghost
with dusty thin wings at that,
oh you who reach out
and graze the bright light
leaving your colors behind,
messages of what
exactly you might
have in mind for me this time -
I promise not to
snigger and whisper
in the pews or in my bed
or while peeing out
the red dye they gave
me for my damn infection.
One thing is for sure,
my dears. I did not
get this crud from any one
of you, nor your light.

‎September ‎7, ‎2014 2:48 PM


  1. Intriguing and innovative; well done.

  2. Imagination--you sure HAVE it! Well written, a trinity and lighted place.

    (I have not been following--are you seriously ill?)
    Steve E

  3. Oh my goodness! I do hope this is fiction!

  4. How do you measure seriously ill when you factor in the normal ailments of old age which include the stuff you eventually die of? I am nearly 69 and I was rode very hard and put up very wet until I was 38 much of which was self inflicted !) because I thought I was immortal and 2) because I didn't care so much if I died anyway.

    I pay the price these days and actually I am NOT getting what I deserve but instead some considerable grace. However, there are some things going on that no one can do much about.

  5. Intense write Christopher...hope life gives you some good health in your future despite your immortal past. :-)

  6. started off ethereal and then got personal.... loved the first line....hope you are OK..

  7. Powerful write...glad you're okay...

  8. Thank you. Actually I am not pissing out red dye. It started ethereal and then got fictional. On the other hand, I have personal experience with urinary tract conditions from long ago and experience with BPH in recent years.

  9. I really loved how you merged the two writing styles (fiction and etheral).

  10. The is intense and beautiful. Love and Light, S

  11. I really love this. I have had urinary tract infections, kidney infections, and so I'm no stranger to the red pee. This is very fascinating.


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