Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bioluminescence - Three Word Wednesday

From the film, Avatar, a bioluminescent forest.

Thom G's Three Word Wednesday is a weekly exercise that has been my pleasure for years now. It is sometimes more challenging than you might think. This week though, an adequate explosive parasite only leaves me with a couple questions... while the organism is parasitically adequate is it also explosive in any sense? ... or, is this parasite explosive enough, adequate to its task? I think I will set up on the latter idea.

Adequate; Explosive; Parasite.

Living Light

I hiked Sumatran
jungles and the mountain crags
of summer's Andes
and carried off from
somewhere a tight cyst on me.
Two worms were in it.
I bred them - found
they had some strange qualities -
a bright parasite -
and me a lucky
cobber since the pair were not
explosive like all
their progeny are.

I was an adequate rogue
but now thats all changed.


That's my new corporation.
I just have to learn
how to keep them cool
since they blow up like nitro
when they warm enough.

September 24, 2014 5:06 PM


  1. I like this trip Christopher..think I need to get me some of those worms to blow up the rabbit hole

  2. :D they sound like a match made in hell


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