Thursday, September 18, 2014

Do You Think I'm Sexy - A Red Wolf Poem

Do You Think I'm Sexy

You elevated
my sway and posture - did not
touch my briarpatch
soul - no one does that.

The souls near enough to touch
get caught and cut bad
as a rule.

I know
I am beautifully formed
and like some Roman
emperors I flaunt
and embellish in satin
and such while briars
lurk under it all
and let me stab you without
any true regrets.

But I moan as good
as you do when I see need
for it - real tears -
I cry real tears.

‎September ‎18, ‎2014 2:09 PM

It was suggested that I write as one of the beautiful people, so I have - in spades, I think. Check here for the site and the links to other poets: Red Wolf Poems

Red Wolf


  1. A soldier with confidence and grace...
    Something men seem to be able to do.
    Hail Caesar!

  2. Interesting... You can read this straightforward. I wrote it in a mean spirit. I am far away from a warrior.

  3. There're different textures in what you wrote. I'm intrigued.


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