Thursday, September 25, 2014

Perjorative - A Red Wolf Poem

Schweinehund - (pejorative) Term of offense, its use corresponding roughly to the word bastard; literally pig-dog.

My boss for the last sixteen years was a man highly educated and trained in a narrow track tailored to building things, project management and seat of the pants engineering. At one point he learned this German perjorative and its literal English counterpart, "Pig-dog". For a few years, everything and everyone was a pig-dog. As a highly capable man and skilled fighter who also was a bit of a bully, he never worried about how insulted the rest of us might be. After all he was scrupulously fair about the money and the actual work so that was that. If you wanted to you could scrap with him, but there might be your job in the balance. As far as I know, everyone figured it for "harmless" and we went on about the work.

He was highly successful in his level, by the way. People would work for him, like I did, for a long time because he kept the work steady and we were given pretty much a free hand so long as we produced. He made more than adequate money for himself and we were not ill paid for what we did either. For several years though, pig-dogs were not far away.


Bacon sizzles, dead pig
in a trance on the final
track to ivory
chompers and there's sign
of popcorn snagged and stiffened up.

The pig skin curls, no
emperor nearby,
not this time, darling, not now,
no royals anywhere.

If it was time out
I would be a touch relieved
but it's fifteen yards,
clipping called on me,
bacon is no sport at all
you sorry pig dogs.

‎September ‎25, ‎2014 3:21 PM

Red Wolf's Wordle 27:

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Red Wolf


  1. Should I say "ouch"?!

    1. I am not sure for what, but if you want to I am sure you know what.

    2. To be called pig dog. Not nice.

    3. But easy to let it roll off my back for the wage I was making, knowing he really and truly did not know better and really and truly not my job to try to teach him manners...

  2. The older generation Chinese used to call perjorative nicknames of pig and dog, and it's supposed to thwart off evil. This is no longer the case.


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