Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Epidemic

Wordle 148

The Epidemic

I'll go to your court
later, when it's safe, darling.

Until then, be brave.

Turn tricks if you must, my love,
and never turn down
a party favor.
Don't mind them, dim old turkeys -
they fail our support
due to virus tracks
slurping down their wispy threads
and their wages are
frozen in love's frame.

‎February ‎16, ‎2014 12:12 AM

Written for The Sunday Whirl


  1. Virus tracks..stood out for me..sadness..resignation..but a sense of doing what you must to fight the epidemic..however it strikes..

  2. hummmm….something to think about….

  3. That picture makes me laugh. Thanks for sharing it. I really like "slurping down their wispy threads.." it's a bit creepy.

  4. Intriguing Christopher...I think you are the only other poet I've found that took this particular perspective with these words...they seemed to lend themselves easily to this occupation to me...funny how that works sometime, yes?

  5. I am sorry I was beguiled by the picture below your post and decided that he was trying to escape from the locked room with whetever he could find to aid him. Now to get through the rooflight.


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