Friday, February 14, 2014

North Arrow

North Arrow

Someone drew a sign
in the path I take to you.
I don't know why they'd
do this sort of thing,
but I'm good with North Arrows
anyway, so I
don't sense nastiness.
It does force me sideways
or I will smear it -
I wouldn't want that.

That one wants to change my ways
which happens sometimes,
almost never works.

‎February ‎14, ‎2014 2:42 PM


  1. My mother tried over and over to get me to change, and my dad did too. Didn't work. My wife tried it. Didn't work for her either. Every once in a while, someone along the path I take tries it. Doesn't work for them either. I do not think this is a good thing but it is a thing.

  2. Do I sense a certain pride, or can it be regret? No! I think not. Although I do not often comment here, I always read what you have to say. Why I do not comment is for me to know, because to expose all my thoughts may seem to express a hidden wish to elicit change. And that whole scene is no longer of interest to me. We are what we are, and will be what at some deep level we choose, or are chosen, to be. As you say, it is a thing. I also do not think this is a good thing, but neither is it a bad thing. It is a following of a path on which we have been placed, often for reasons beyond our reasonings and imaginings. So how can it be possible to pass judgement?

    (In this comment a spelling error has been corrected)

    1. Not pride exactly. I feel protective of my free will and overly sensitive about it - as if it might kill me to go too far in allowing some other person to direct me. On the other hand, I have always been too self involved and an autodidact. On the other hand, I've been an autodidact because I had too. On the other hand... This never ends. A thing, my thing. I am self taught in my writing and in my music both. My education has been self directed and I returned to school to prove I already had learned, not to learn when I got my degree. The last 28 credits of my bachelor's... I mean it when I say I have gone my own way in the core stuff.

      On the other hand, my work life was of necessity social in its way, although many people would argue that engineer types aren't very good at social.

  3. In that comment, "too" should be "to"...

  4. Thank you for that interesting peep into your life, Christopher.


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