Monday, February 17, 2014

The Argument

The Argument

Oh shit, here it comes
again, how it hurts that they
say such things to me
as if I'm nothing
to them even though we all
know better than to
think like that, don't we?
There is nothing left for me
but to say, "Because!
That's why. Because I
fucking damn said so, SAID so!!"

September 4, 2010 11:02 AM


  1. This picture is a gift for all sorts of verbal interaction, for example on "Oddball Observations", eleven days ago. It just needs to be in-your-face and squarky; so human :)

    1. Of course, the key to the picture is feathers. They paint the anger picture because we are trained to see angry eyes like this. But it is actually almost certain that the bird interaction is something wholly other. The bottom picture is a depiction however of arguing with God. My original poem (before editing to suit the threesome in the bird picture) was crafted to suit the dyad and the argument I keep having over how this place could be run better.


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