Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In A Spot - Three Word Wednesday

This week's words: Cruel; Ghastly; Unkempt.

Goodbye, Philip. I truly liked your work and thought well of you. I am sad you elected early and unexpected departure for other places. I hope it didn't hurt much. God protects drunks and fools. He doesn't keep them alive, necessarily. I don't want any arguments about this. I am just saying goodbye.

Oh by the way, the connection to the poem should be obvious and there is no other link. The poem is about something other than the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

In A Spot

Beautiful, cruel,
vicious and too sadistic
for my normal words,
with your ice black eyes,
and your icier black heart -
it's just the ghastly
way things have worked out
between us that strews my junk
and keeps me unkempt.
They say payback's hell
and I heard God protects drunks
and fools. Yeah, I'm both
of those...

‎February ‎12, ‎2014 9:47 AM

Written for Three Word Wednesday


  1. Yeah, that was really sad. God does protect us if we ask.

    1. Yes, it is really helpful to ask. It is best to ask in alignment with His Will for us. That is where I have the best results, though He is Coyote among other attributes and loves to kid around. I notice that I don't know what is best much of the time. He is Abba, Father enough that He does not answer those prayers as I would have Him do. He is patient with my less than mature demands.

  2. that is sad. God is always there to answer or prayers even if it's not in the way we expect he answers

  3. We are all fools in some way, but a wise soul knows it and relies on God.

    1. I was taught that God believes in me whether or not I believe in Him. It seems to me God removing His belief in me would be catastrophic. But then this is very heavy God talk and I know for a fact that is not required. Love is required and even that has to be at my choosing or else free will is an illusion and it is not an illusion.

  4. This is sad. but if we pray we do at time receive help.

  5. I hope (as a fool) that I will at some point learn to protect myself..that would be a good way out of a spot..maybe god has a hand in that..hope so otherwise I might get stuck in those in between days

    1. Yes... One trouble with the day between Wednesday and Thursday was that no one else was there. That would be double plus ungood... oh wait... superlative is from wrong story.


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