Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Send This Message - Three Word Wednesday

Keep your grav boots on.

Accelerate; Passive; Rogue.

Send This Message

I will dip my ship
in Terra's gravity well
per your work request
to accelerate
the timing. You say I've been
indigent, passive,
with not enough Rogue
Spice present in my cooking.
No matter it's hard
to get that flavor
except on some Jovian
moon's black market run.
I say I will soon
make the required
five point landing at Freeport.
The chits are all signed.

‎February 5, ‎2014 9:47 AM

Written for Three Word Wednesday


  1. I…ah…I…um…I'm lost. Hopelessly and irretrievably confused.

    1. It's a rare but consistent side effect of Rogue Spice. Sorry. :/


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