Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunday Breakfast

Wordle 149,
The Sunday Whirl by Brenda Warren, Click Here

Sunday Breakfast

"It's your eggs," she said
standing high, holding her mug
with cinammon stick
of course, the steam blown
clear of the surface
all oily and rainbow like.

"Eggs and ham," she said.

"Can you bring them here?"
I asked in my tiniest
peep, all wan and pale.
I am, after all this,
in poor form and I lack trust.
"Is this a damn test?"
She asked, "some trial
of my pluck, my furtive ways?"

At that my nose bled.

‎February ‎22, ‎2014 11:00 PM


  1. Forgive me, but when your nose bled I laughed as I have suffered on and off all my life with them. Now with blood thinners they have recurred!

    1. The worst nose bleed of my life occurred in hospital, with no one caring enough to help me for hours. They needed a doctor to give permission, though they knew what to do. I was slowly filling my bed with blood the whole time, on blood thinners and being checked out for the newly discovered atrial fibrillation trouble that dogs me constantly. It was not life threatening, it seems. For what it is worth, large doses of Afrin nasal decongestant will stop a bad bleed.

  2. Oh dear..a bit of a disharmonious breakfast..i do hope those eggs are photo-shopped..and the nosebleed made me start..maybe the wan and paleness is genuine

  3. Hi Christopher, especially enjoyed:

    "the steam blown
    clear of the surface
    all oily and rainbow like."

    And the nose bleed was certainly a surprise - as it should be, I suppose... With Best Wishes Scott

  4. Brilliant! Just had to laugh at the end line.


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