Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lying In Wait - Three Word Wednesday

Three Word Wednesday

Feral; Insatiable; Shred.

Lying In Wait

I keep catching you
in those off moments twitching
your nose as feral
cats on the scent might,
insatiable, bottomless,
haunches tight as drums
tuned to high notes are,
and not a shred of mercy
found in your whiskers
as they stretch ready.
At those moments I still feel
you won't turn on me
but I don't know why.

‎February ‎19, ‎2014 9:49 AM


  1. Perhaps they day. These are just the infiltrators to judge our defences!

  2. A bond is a bond..i can feel her little hunting muscles ready to pounce..nicely coiled words..

  3. She is gorgeous. It is nice for you to be attacked by a sweet little pussy cat sinking her claws into you..She is just playing.LOL

    1. I had a cat instruct me from the back one time, me in a thin summer shirt. He said quite plainly, "you will no longer mess with me!" He said this with all four clawed paws at once.

      I got the message loud and clear and it was so cleverly delivered I wasn't even mad. Instead I was proud to know such a fine intelligent cat.

  4. I'm dreaming of drum-tight haunches.


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