Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ennui Times Three - 3 Word Wednesday

Three Word Wednesday

Aspire; Beast; Slurp

Ennui Times Three

Here it is again,
here just like it ever was,
though they tell us to
aspire to so much,

The mewling beast in us
shall shiver and slurp,
shall slouch past the turn
toward the right, trip and fall
on the way you laid
for us to follow.

We are the foolish false smirk
on the moon's fat face
hung over the spray
of silver shadows falling
on dawn's frosty bed.

February 26, 2014 7:33 AM


  1. A feast of words...fulfilling alliterative and full..soupy like ennui can be (times three)..same as it ever was..same as it ever sang the man in the big suit

    1. Oh my God! I'm a real boy! (Allusion to Pinocchio the wooden head) Means I might pass the poet's audition. That of course is allusion also. Ringo said it on one of the later records.

  2. I love all the beautiful imagery in this poem.

  3. How beautiful your poetry is. I loved reading this over and over.

  4. the last stanza is enchanting.

    the path can be quite a tricky pass...still we move forward.

    lovely piece.


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