Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Wild Geese On The Lake

I was in a marriage relationship for over twenty years. That was not necessarily good news but it was a life commitment. I took that vow seriously. I saw a photo of a mating pair of swans. That's what led to this poem.

The Wild Geese On The Lake
(the drake overheard to speak frankly with his mate)

Today I am not sure
I would choose you but I'm still
here crossing with you.
That choice is old news.
It's what we do, girl, live out
old choices, loyal
to them and to each
other, call it love, sure it's
God's will to be here.

February 11, 2009 10:14 AM


  1. I wonder if there is anyone who can say what it is that puts us over the edge to pick a particular person. My hubby and I both say that we would not have met if it had been in a conventional manner. So choosing someone is at the time something not to be denied. Lovely expression loyal to each other.

  2. Techno, I agree with you. Everyone I have loved I found in an odd way.

  3. Hrmph...everyone I ever loved turned out odd......must have that effect on people :)

  4. Maybe your passion has an uncanny ability to identify the odd ones. Maybe you consistently find ordinary people boring... Heh.
    Love you.

  5. one sunny summer day

    oddly enough
    our words mingled
    as we sit together

    our yellow bonnets flare
    oddly enough
    in wind which briskly blew

    on this blue bench

    our hearts gave meaning
    to what our mind denied
    oddly enough

    our life together was
    precious and is too short

    oddly enough

  6. Christopher a year ago, two, ten I would have agreed with you. Of course I'm in a shift right now, relearning what I thought I knew of myself, never mind the world. I am beginning to realize (for me) it was an agreement, contractual. I'm not sure that I ever want to live my life inside of a legal document again. I'm not sure if I want society to impose on me limitations either. I've a whole lot of figuring to do. This one just challenged me.

  7. Erin, I know your life changes are driving you now. They should.

    Certain fowl mate for life. It is deep within some religions that humans should too. As I understand it, basically the idea is that God in some form backs the union. The authority of God plainly trumps the person. If I am in a union backed by and supported by God, then I have no right to end it. Only God has that right. That's about the size of it.

    I am a divorced man. I welcomed the divorce. I am sure that if there was any union that God favored breaking it was ours. We were quite literally hoping to save each other.

    What I believe is that even in this something is ripped out of me that cannot be replaced. This is not the only time I have lost something irreplaceable in my soul. Even when it is right in this way, the rightness doesn't mean loss in this deep way.

    Ghost, Thank you. I am your friend. Rely on it.


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