Saturday, September 12, 2009

Past The Moon

I want to write you healed and found as if I could write thus and by writing make it so. I also want to write you healed and found because you are not and are lost and perhaps in need of a poem from one who loves you. I want you lifted on angelic wings. This I want if you wish to rise. I see this incantation as a statement of power, as if I had this power. I insist.

I am an arrogant man.

Past The Moon

I want to write you
healed and found, lifted higher
than you thought you would
go this very night.

I want your vision to clear
so you remember
who you really are,
no, not then but beyond that
history you told
to the history
you don't speak of now because
it goes past the moon.

February 12, 2009 9:20 AM


  1. The things we want for someone we love........

  2. If only it were that easy, write it that way and then it is....

  3. I wish you may; I wish you might.

  4. This one came this morning without effort because here you are all my true friends.


    Oh doubters of the Word
    remember that Word is the heart
    of magic, the heart of God,
    the start of the world,
    the color of Truth.

    Oh believers in the Word
    forget not the work,
    nor the threads of the weave,
    nor the roots of the world,
    revealed when we sing the Truth,
    sing the fiery incantation.

  5. You are a magician, Christopher. Your words are a powerful incantation that will touch the lives of many. I say it, and so it is real. Perhaps this means also that I am an arrogant woman.

  6. Oh yes, indeed, and I will share a secret.

    The God Who Is Not To Be Named weeps in joy at such arrogance, which is its true magical use.

  7. Damn right it is.

    I don't see why not, arrogance/confidence, both sides of a coin....

    I love this poem

    and you


  8. I figure the person who dies with the most love wins. Thanks for yours, Michelle. Me too, you. I know we are called to tell each other so. Often is better than seldom.

  9. holy holy, lovely man.

    someone just told me tonight a warning, don't trust those people on the internet, they are not your friends. and while the warning came from a good place and while i understand the fear of it, the weight of it, really, i also understand that there are good people, there are friends.


  10. Erin, it gets seriously self referential sometimes when some people on the internet warn you about other people on the internet. For my part, I can't live guarded. That is too toxic for me. For real. And I notice that what I do is collect around me other people who want to live something like I do. The predators go somewhere else. But I am not a woman, and there are perhaps special issues.

  11. No, Christopher, no special issues. Just a fearfulness amongst so many. But just as I would leave the street with a stranger who offered me good conversation, just as I would walk with a man or woman in moonlight just to be still, just as I would spill my tale to someone at a cash register because of something in them that is special, so I give it all out here. Why not? What is there really to fear? I think it frightening to stay boarded up. I find it liberating to know special people. I believe I've a lot to learn from them and if nothing, well then, a moment to share.

  12. Erin, we are all the better for it, I think with open and honest connection. I have a basic wariness about inviting the people I meet into my home somehow, I suppose. I am not likely to give you my social security number or bank account number. But I have not hidden behind an alias, do not pretend to be someone else.

    I once had an email relationship with a woman across the country and we were in a couple email groups. She sent me a picture and me her. We joined a new one and she played like being someone else to see if what I would do, perhaps try to become a special friend to her as another woman. I didn't and finally she let me know it was her. That role play thing surprised me. It is possible to do. I felt I had been slimed. I didn't by the way take the bait.

    Our friend Ghost Dansing works moderately hard at remaining androgynous. I tease about it. I also try hard to support that wish.


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