Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Garden

There is a place for shrines, for ritual, for practice, practice, practice in the spiritual life. This remains true even without God at the heart of things, thus Humanists tend to form these relationships with the heart too. Even Communists hold their parades in support of their yearnings.

Certainly I cannot live without my practice. At one point I held a particular location on the Willamette River to be my power point. It did not matter that I could no longer get there. Later, the Willamette National Cemetary became a power point. Sometimes I go there. Even if I don't, it is still there in precisely the same way for me.

The Garden

At the far, far end
of the gravelled path I placed
a shrine on the rim
of the gulf between
you and me, in the garden
I planted for you.
You remember it
I know, the gated roses
overhead as you
enter and the paths
that wind among the plantings.
I find myself there.

February 15, 2009 9:24 AM


  1. I can never go to the same place...I start out going somewhere and end up everywhere :)

    Been too long damn it!


  2. You know, I like the term "power point" for this kind of lovely image, rather than a bug-ridden piece of crap software that one has to use to make stupid presentations for school/work/whatever. It's so much more calming.

  3. Joseph, I commiserate with your remark concerning bug ridden software. AutoCAD is often the same experience, only I think you pay a lot more for the privilege of using the AutoCAD software.

    In the case of my usage "power point", think more along the lines of a shamanic connection to the planet. I suppose if you somehow got connected that way by accident you might find bugs attracted to you. Hmmm, maybe even if you intended it, the bugs might like you better.

    Actually in my case, I've been infested with a few persistent gremlins. I wonder if that is a consequence of claiming power points on the planet?

  4. I like the far far end...the place few will go but having great reward. Not much of a tourist. Give me the corners, the shadows...

  5. I'm a pretty good traveler but a lousy get around to it guy. My last deal was to take a touring vacation around the state. I've done this twice. I set it up with a couple ideas of where I will land and then wing the rest, deciding on the back roads as I go, stopping when I want.

  6. For me, this post is about a favorite place we go to that is not a real place, but more a personal place of peace and acceptance and beauty as we see it. I have to visit my special place before a dentist appointment, or after an argument with hubby, or when I get disappointed in myself.

  7. Perhaps you are right TB, though I wrote it as real enough that it was shared or could be shared. I remarked in the poem that the Other had been there.

  8. gated roses are the image i liked best dear one....

  9. I will plant some for you, then {{{Cherie}}}

    Ghost, it is indeed a garden of sorts, full of surprises.


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