Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shirking Work Again

Oh man. A friend of mine has asked me to stand as a witness as he marries the woman he has been with for several years. I have of course said yes. This Saturday at 2pm. I have taken on the other job as a bachelor friend of a soon to be married man. I am asking him every day if he really wants to do this. We both agree that is my job until Saturday. Heh.

So he told his partner (they live together now). She doesn't like it. Heh. We are both laughing about that. He says she'll be okay again in a week. I have decided to avoid her til Saturday if I can. I value my privates.

Shirking Work Again

Climbing brambles reach
the top of the white trellis
meant for my jasmine
because I have shirked my work
again for dallying with
the likes of your tunes,
the hunting hounds of Harrow,
or your wide green eyes.

February 13, 2009 3:50 PM


  1. I like this. In very few words, you convey so much. Love the use of "dallying" and the inclusion of the "hounds of Harrow."

  2. Sometimes you make me cry a little, some times you make me laugh a lot!

  3. I would hope she has someone asking her the same question every day till Saturday as well. Moving in together is a big step, making it legal is a hell of a big step. I say you are taking your job as best man so to speak seriously. GOOD.
    Dallying can be good sometimes, in fact lots of times, in fact more times than we allow ourselves.

  4. Thanks, Karen. I have no idea what the "Hounds of Harrow" can mean. :)

    Lucy, getting married is no laughing matter. Well, later it is and earlier it is. If it's not yours it is. That ceremony was the most frightened I think I have ever been. It's the only time no matter how much I was drinking I couldn't get drunk. I finally had to eat psylocibin mushrooms to mellow out enough to survive the thing.

    Techno I don't think he has a best man. This is going to a judge's office, about a block from my house, and signing papers. They say this is for the medical insurance for her. It is the marriage of two in their late forties, early fifties. She has five children, three mostly grown. He has two children mostly grown. He has a former wife. She has more than one former husband.

  5. Isn't it strange? Whenever I hear about people getting married I assume they are young. I wish them longevity...

    "Let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone....Dance me to the curtains our kisses have outworn."

  6. Aren't we always clearing the brambles to make way for the jasmine?

    I am....

    Sometimes I forget the jasmine grows wild too :)


    PS: If you google Hounds of Harrow you get dog walking services....this made me laugh in relation to marriage!
    But I am a little strange....and also no longer married. :)

  7. WW, yes this marriage is almost completely an arrangement to leverage insurance in a critical way. They are doing fine otherwise.

    I noticed booze hounds also, Michelle. I am so grateful you are a little strange. I am in fact quite happy with several of my blog friends these days. You are certainly one of those who please me.

  8. We are mutually pleased then Christopher :)

  9. the more i think about this, the more certain i am that you are not the type to spend a great deal of time dallying with Harrow hounds.....

  10. And the brambles are lovely too, are they not? Surely the jasmine can join the dance.

  11. Ghost, my friend, I keep one of them nearby at all times as a gremlin detector.

    Unfortunately, Rachel, I live in an urban neighborhood. My neighbors have a vote and declare my brambles a neighborhood nuisance. Nuisance...I am not looking yet, but my instinct says that lovely word is not sourced in Old or Middle English but instead in Norman French. No self respecting English lineage would ever follow u with an i. For that matter, the word ending ance also points to French.

    I checked and only have it wrong that French started influencing English earlier than Middle English.

    I checked two words trance and dance. Both French. How about instance? Yup. A "rule" is forming. Most words in English that that end in ance or even ant probably derive from even older French and often enough then from Latin via French. Hooah. Ain't linguistics fun?

  12. Brambles, marriage and psylocibin mushrooms all seem to go quite well together these days. I am, of course, all upsidedown over the construct of marriage. I am however, absolutely at the mercy of love's trellis. Er something like that.

  13. Erin, I love your comment. Love's trellis indeed. I absolutely hesitate to turn love real under normal circumstance, but I am a complete sucker for romance. I suspect it is difficult to find it anymore. This makes me sad, but in truth I probably don't have the energy for it anymore.


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