Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Will Not Leave

Here is a poem of promise and commitment.

I Will Not Leave

Then remember this
on the day you walk upstairs,
that once you did swim,
turned cartwheels, let me
catch you, you who smiled for me,
who let me clasp hands
with you as your soul
rose to the lighted dew dropped
sky, who told me dreams.

February 13, 2009 9:53 PM


  1. Nice, beautifull. I liked that the sky is the one who told you dreams.

  2. Will we remember? When we walk upstairs? Will we still feel those hands that clasped and caught us?

  3. Karen, that is an article of faith for me, precisely that. I don't think I could stand this otherwise. The ones I love and who love me, what else here actually matters? Losing even that? A universe like that is simply too cruel.

  4. This reads, to me, like a father-daughter poem. Whether or not that was intended, it's beautiful.

  5. Who wouldn't want that in any relationship? You have to trust someone to share dreams.

  6. This would make a lovely wedding vow...

  7. Rachel, I have never been a father in this life for practical reasons, but I like your take more and more.

    G'mornin Joseph.

  8. I read it twice 'cause the first time I read it how Rachel read it, as a father/daughter poem. And then on the second, no, he let go of his role and clasped the joy as well.

  9. Erin, it reads easily both ways, I think, a daughter or a playful woman, childlike and physical. I have known such women (one close to fifty, still doing those things).

    The joy can be a mature love or a father's love I do believe.

    I am really pleased.

    Here is the aspect of father within lover and lover within father. You know I am sure that there are four anyway, father priest hero child. Just as there are four mother priestess heroine child.

    I did not do that on purpose :)

  10. Beautiful poem, Christopher. I think I have read this before ;)

    Love. So many aspects of love and caring. I like Rachel's take on the poem, too. I can see it that way...

    And the catching, Christopher. I think you have caught many.

  11. Beautiful. Wishing for it right about now.

  12. Liz, I have written so many now, I forget where I first wrote them :)

    WW, consider it yours. You have to share though.


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