Thursday, September 24, 2009

Someone's Got To

I couldn't make this up. I'll bet you couldn't either. It is just beyond me to ever conceive of this. I found it on Post Secret, so somebody did make it up, perhaps even commited this act. I loved the postcard so much I wrote it as a poem. This act against the Gideon Bible is surely one of the ultimates in underground resistance, the sort of thing hippies loved to do. It is nearly perfect in its peacefulness. I don't care that I stole the idea. Stealing the idea (but not the form) is technically legal. Stealing the idea also is an underground act. Everything I am builds on the fact that for six years I was a hippie in one or another form. In 1966 this die was cast. In 1973 I was forced by circumstance to go underground. I began training up in things like careers and marriages. Even so it took eight more years until I bought a house. My heart still delights in things hip.

Someone's Got To

I go on long trips,
stay in hotels with nothing
to do, but pull out
Gideon's Bible
and draw naked people where
I can find the space
for them. Then I list
the pages on the cover
page to help others.

February 13, 2009 4:16 PM


  1. Not everyone can draw well enough. But this person's contribution to humanity is actually legitimate.

  2. I'm smiling at the picture of you sitting there, looking around, furtively drawing...

    Isn't if funny that you are still an underground hippie. You should see how respectable I look. I'm really still swinging my hair and sashaying along in hot pants! ;-D

  3. Michelle, I hope you get your time off. Maybe you can engage in secret revolutionary acts.

    Techno, yes, exactly.

    Karen, I wouldn't be furtively drawing in my motel room. I am not that paranoid unless I have been under stress and eaten lots of speed for many days. I haven't done anything like that for decades. And if it was me it would be designs other than naked people probably.

  4. Why someone comes into alien territory and then leaves an enigmatic but probably negative comment is beyond me. Why on earth spend the time and energy?

    I try to apply the "loser" comment personally and don't quite know how to fit it in, would need a lot more information. If it applies from the conservative Christian base to the state of my salvation, then there is no question. :) I certainly am not saved in the Southern Baptist sense.

  5. Yes, indeed! I can picture you hippie...lover of all things hip. Peace Bro, and by the way, I got hips...and I ain't lovin' them. Check ebay tomorrow. You might get a deal.

  6. Your subversive tendencies thrill me, sir. ^_^

  7. You wouldn't know it from seein' the fat old man waddle down the street.

  8. Oh yeah....oh so lovable SB......


    I wouldn't be so secretive either :)

  9. I just wanna know, when you draw breasts do they look like pancakes with dead flies in the middle? I'm just sayin' in grade five, about the last time I saw a nudey picture, that's about what they looked like.

    (And why do I hear Beevis and Butthead in my head? Maybe the negative energy comment thingamabobby.)

  10. And why is it that Beavis and Butthead hit the ball 400 yards straight down my humor fairway. I am not sure they putt very well, though.

  11. Ghost, I am not sure that picture is to the Lovable Southern Baptist's taste. To me, however, it tastes like strawberry with a hint of chili pepper behind it.


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