Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Way It Goes, A Small Sad Rain

The trouble with living a long time, you get enough time for all the stuff that can happen to happen. That's actually an overstatement, but at least not really in the area of heart life. All the stuff that can happen has happened there. Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets another girl, loses again. Several of these, even though one was over twenty years. Deaths, financial stresses, all the wars since the Korean war. Booms and busts. Car accidents. This and that. And still when I think of what has happened, what I go to first, I find, it's the heart stuff.

At years end, I found myself in the reminiscing mood and willing to write in a darker tone.

But this first poem follows close on yesterday's post, more sf. You know there is rather a large amount of science fiction poetry around. Lots of the sf writers wrote it. I found a site that I visited for a while but didn't really feel welcome there. It was heavily sf. These two sf poems came from those visits. I may have some others.

I should mention that "void of course" is actually an astrological term, meaning that the moon makes no other geometric aspects with planets or the Sun before it changes to the next sign in its orbit. When the outer planets are in the last degrees of signs then it is hard for Moon to be void of course. But the history is, the planetary system (not really solar system in the geocentric tropical zodiac) ended with Saturn. The outer planets begin with Neptune.

I often do that :) Like you guys would know what void of course means... How I understand moon void of course is an empty time, not good, not bad, but a time to avoid making big decisions because the normal conditions as they return will bring a change of consciousness too. You might or might not regret decisions made under moon void of course. That's where the rest of the charting comes in.

It could be a hidden condition in a natal chart, and under that condition, there might be some trouble with things lifelong turning out not quite right. In the natal chart this would be a moon in late degrees unaspected and then with investigation discovered to be unaspected in the next days also until changing sign, meaning in progressed terms that the native would have an unaspected moon for perhaps a few years, the primary formative years. I've never known anyone in that condition so I don't know really how that manifests.

The Way It Goes

The Moon's void of course
And Mars is not my home now
That I have lost all.

Exiled from Earth and from Mars
With no funds, can't buy back in.

I'm on a slave boat
On contract to the outer
Cloud mining comets.

12/30/2008 7:36 PM


This poem returns me to the home planet. It is my first poem of the last day of the year.

It is about the displacements of love.

A Small Sad Rain

Like a flower cast
Into the shallow pool left
By the small sad rain
That came when you left
This place and left me behind,
The rose of my love
Is now no longer
To the right of my torn heart,
To the right of God,
To the right of time.

December 31, 2008 9:15 AM

A postscript: this last day of 2008 was my most prolific day to date. I wrote nine poems. This was the first. My last was at 9 PM. So I wrote nine poems in twelve hours.


  1. I'm relating to the second right now.


  2. {{{Michelle}}}

    Be careful. That could be drinking weather.

    By the way, I am glad you are not relating to living under an indentured contract headed to the Oort Cloud.

  3. This poem made me a little sad and the other stuff you wrote before it. I am so filled with compassion for the losses you have had over a lifetime.Life is full of loss if we live long enough.
    hugging you gently

  4. Nah, I am stronger than the bottle these days. Truth.

    I am actually stronger than I give me credit for.

    And I trust me too these days

    It's all about choice, as you well know :)

  5. Sad poems. Heres to better and happier days!

    Slainte, Linda

  6. Thanks, Cherie. It is my hope always that we all can find ways to surf the torrent of the years with grace and dignity, remaining open despite the bruising that is certain to continue.

    That openness is the only way to keep genuine joy. Loving you.

    Michelle, I am sure you are well placed in your own life. I am in mine as well. xxo

    Linda, thanks for your hopes. Part of the reason I like to keep some distance between the poems I publish here and when I wrote them is that these are the better days, or worse, but certainly different from the days of the poems. Written as they were the last day of 2008, these poems were written from the position of "auld ang syne". So while they ulluminate places I go, they are not places I am now.

    I am a shade over two hundred posts from publishing any poems I may write today. In this way the poems stand alone.

    I am glad you stayed long enough to comment. You are welcome here.

  7. "Can't buy back in." That may be the lonliest statement of all.

  8. Karen, maybe not the lonliest, but I have been there, in those moments when you realize that nothing you can do makes any difference, but it costs you life as you know it to be helpless.

    Once I was there in this way, knowing that my wife was dying and that I might well be destroyed in the process. To lose a child, knowing it is happening and that one is helpless to prevent it, I believe that is worse.

    Thanks for noticing.

  9. This is so beautiful but yet sad. My prayers are with you.

    Love, I.

  10. Welcome Ida, I am not sad today. :)

  11. I wrote this before;)
    But your "sad rain" made me think of rain...

    Sugar Rain

    I found you
    out in the sugar rain.

    Do I even know where
    to begin with this sweetness?

    The trees bend down thinking
    it is ice or snow
    thinking it is time to give in to the weight
    only to find light and sweetness

    I am surprised too
    my own limbs free
    free in the sugar rain
    you let fall all around
    my world.

  12. Faith! Excellent. Complete counterpoint. Yes.

  13. Nine poems in a day. Oh, wow...

    The first one, thank you for explaining void of course. I'm familiar with the term, but never realy understood it. I think I do now, sort of.

    The second, that is so lovely, and sad. I see the rose, uprooted, the ground torn where the rose's roots were.

  14. moon wanes where it waxes
    cycles end where they begin
    flowers bloom where they perish
    and love


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