Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Edge Of You, Fare You Well

This wouldn't be fair if I didn't offer a possible reading of the symbols. Otherwise you might wonder where love comes in. I mean I am happy here about sharpness, keen edges and all that, but love seems softer than that...

I recommend that in the background you let part of quantum mechanics run if you can. Everything we see is a manifestation of the electromagnetic force and its carriers, the photons of various energies, which means colors. Instead of going faster or slower, photons, massless, travel at lightspeed, or slightly slower in various substances which are transparent to light. Lower to higher energies go from infra red to ultra violet, and lower or higher yet, a change of color. That's how photons handle energetic variation.

All chemistry then has in its background color. Proof? Burn the substance. Light will be given off. Use the right spectroscopy and that light will always carry a particular color (wavelength) signature such that we can identify what a burning substance is by its colors.

Electrons exchange photons and that's how electricity works, in its background too is color.

Atoms, all atoms have a "hard" knife edge shell of electrons in one or more layers woven by the electrons as they move very quickly, nearly at light speed. Sometimes they jump layers. When they do, photons are given off or absorbed. There is more energy closer in to the nucleus and less energy toward the outer edges. Here is the knife edge of love, the way that all we know on the planet is here for us, and beneath it all is light and color. Literally.

There is more, of course, way more, and some of it is really exciting to those who care about such things. Going after more, that's going behind the wizard's curtain, and going somewhere else, where color as we know it no longer can be the complete metaphor.

The Edge Of You

It's the edge of you
That gives you light, let's you shine.

I can't breathe near you,
Your eyes take my breath.

Your edge is a knife. It cuts
Me out of the old,
Passes me forward
To the new day, the new year.

If I look away
It all frays into
Bright soft mist fading away.
No sharp edges left.

January 1, 2009 10:50 AM


I want to say something now. I am convinced with Einstein and so many others, the theists in the scientific community among others, that quantum mechanics and what it may lead to as we get closer to establishing the Theory of Everything, prooving the Higgs Field and all the rest of it, I am convinced that we are also approaching an accurate interpretation of God's physical language. What is just amazing about all this is that as we go to the really really small, we are forced more and more into going into the largest clumps of all. The infinitesimal singularity that starts it contains everything :) The further out we go, the closer we get to that.

Here is a poem about living farther out.

Fare You Well

I come awake here
Next to you with the thought of loss,
That you have to go.

The next boat out will be yours,
The next port parsecs away.

We made the best love
In these last hours as I tried
To cross those light years.

1/01/2009 5:00 PM


  1. I have a book here, do you want it? Warped Passages by Lisa Randall. I didn't get into it very far:)It's about the universe hiding an extra dimension.

    Your poems very beautiful! But i had to read them first to kind of understand what you where talking about to explain them. And now i wonder where are the colors in your first poem?
    so i like to say.

    Your poetry like a knife
    it cuts open a void
    filling the emptiness
    in light speed
    with a whirlwind of colors
    yours and all who read it

  2. If I didn't know better, I'd say the doc did some excellent cataract surgery along with the heart repair. But then, I don't know better.

  3. Thanks for offering the book, Jozien. I have a bookshelf of reading stacked up waiting for me. I have about 40 hours of dvd course work stacked up too.

    Heh. I have had my cataracts removed...that insults my cat who thinks this refers to her. Robin, I am glad you don't know better, neither do I. Life goes on. We bumble on. Like bumblebees. Aerodynamically impossible. Since we don't know better, we get to fly too.

  4. "It all frays into
    Bright soft mist fading away." Beautiful.

  5. My head spins in the heart in the poetry.


  6. I like what Michelle says.

    I was just gonna say, shit~ (in a good way.)

  7. I know, I know. Not too many people want to live among the science guys, especially the theoretical physics guys from CERN. But stuff is really happening as the theoretic, systematic, experimental feedback loops give back to us refinements of quantum and cosmic theories, that demand intellectual honesty if not poetical honesty. Chaos theory, fractals, holography from coherent light interfering with itself. You can't even operate your computer without the application of the square root of minus one, which is a nonsense number absolutely required to make the gated flow of electical charges work. And electrons tunnel as required by theory, or else computers don't compute. You can live your whole life not knowing this if you need to. It is very dangerous to decide you know HOW THINGS WORK without knowing the cutting edge of science.

  8. GD, I don't know what that looks like, like methyl flouride?? Hmmm. It's color all right...

  9. wow! beautiful works based upon beautiful thoughts...

    yes everything is energy... in different states... and our distance (with HIM) is indicative of our state... and vice versa...
    i have a work base on this concept:

    The seven states of matter


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