Saturday, May 16, 2009

Entangled Lovers, Baby It's Cold

Here are two poems about love. Both are true stories. The moons of Jupiter are really, really cold. Methane is the fluid in the oceans there. Hot and cold running methane....don't go outside without your sweater, lovey.

Entangled Lovers

I once got between
Lovers entangled like squid,
Wound up on the ground,
But he was too torn
And twisted to do me harm.
He'd broken her heart.
He broke my one watch.
Then ran off into the night.

I walked her home sad.

January 1, 2009 7:50 PM


Baby It's Cold

When she left for Earth
I came undone though I dreamed
I would have held up.

I take all of it in stride,
Keep navigating just fine,

Until this moment
Of her god damned departure
From these frozen moons.

January 2, 2009 9:05 PM


  1. i once....
    it was a girl's fight
    clawing at eachother
    no one got sad
    i forgot her name
    he married her
    if i now
    after some 30 years
    would run into him
    he'll remember too
    I'll know
    by the twinkle in his eyes

  2. lost watch
    broken heart
    one replacable
    one is not

  3. I can't leave the squid. Love is like that, tentacled and groping deep.

  4. Jozien, heh. You have what it takes...

    Aibreann, the entanglement in this case was not mine. At this remove I don't know what circumstances put me there but it was for only a few days. She was pregnant, with a broken leg that he caused, more or less, and he was way too stoned to be functional. She was desperate and I was comforting, but not a lover. He knocked her down but didn't hurt her. He knocked me down, broke my watch but didn't hurt me. Then he ran off and eventually I went home. That was the last I saw of this situation...I am however still stuck out in Jupiter's moons.

    WIAW, I understand. Family when it works is amazing. Family when it doesn't amazing.

  5. Some squids are only good deep fried with batter!



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