Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here's one called My Human Condition

My Human Condition

Total soul eclipse
As I stuff myself with toys
And the sugary
Dollops, diversions
Of my own greedy senses,

Yet the dry desert
Of avoiding things
Builds toward an explosion
I just cannot stop.

Why then is it so
The middle way is slicker,
More slippery than
My poor toes can grip
And I slide to either side
Again and again?

December 31, 2008 1:54 PM


  1. Balance is so hard. How do cats do it? High up on a tree limb?

    "total soul eclipse"
    I am trying to imagine you in that spot, but don't see it.

    Maybe your toes grasp better than you realize:)

    Monkey toes:) (I have been called that in the past because I often pick things up with my feet so I don't have to bend over -- bad back at times)

  2. Heh...There are sooo many things you don't see about me as I sneak about...:))

    While only sympathetically true now, I was once an outlaw...

    I am way in favor of monkey toes, wish I had 'em.

  3. I can see you as an outlaw;) I just can't see your soul eclipsed -- though I guess an eclipse is temporary in nature...so maybe...It is just now -- where you are now -- your soul seems to be shining brightly:)

    My father once told me that when he was young, he had to pick up marbles with his toes as a cure for being flat-footed. I don't think it worked, and he certainly resented doing it! :)

    Hope your day is going well.

  4. tick... tock
    tick... tock
    and i grow up...

  5. Ahhh, just life as usual :)

    Moderation and balance....snort!


  6. HB, indeed time passes, but I heard one year of experience ten times does not equal ten years of experience. I bet I am not the only one who avoided growing up more than once.

    Michelle, love your snorts.

    Faith, heh. Thanks for your faith in me. :)

  7. Are you sliding towards the things you wish to avoid? Or just slipping inelegantly on the banana peels of life?

  8. Rachel, oh yes...yes,yes. Or no. Faith is having trouble with my total soul eclipse. But eclipses don't last very long. Or maybe sometimes they doo000. Damn. I am having trouble being serious and this is serious. Only the first prerequisite of enlightenment is to lighten up. Fiddlededee.

  9. the gray's message was largely undecipherable..... but there was some garbled part.....something about "covered in sugar".... and someone called "gingerbread man".....i think they were referring to you....

  10. Oh dear! Feast of famine, binge or purge, yo or yo...

  11. 'why then is it so'
    indeed christopher, indeed

  12. Christopher
    I think you are my favorite outlaw living in disguise as a abider of law
    In any event...love your slip slidding away.

  13. My comment should have said, "feast or famine," not "of" - and I love Linda's comment.

  14. Hi, Christopher. Sorry I'm not around as much lately. Life is a whirlwind sometimes. It will slow after a while. But I'm still loving what you're doing.

    Like the name of my friend's blog, I'm "balanced on the edge" most days. Yes, it's a slippery place.

    Wonderful poem. The second stanza is so true. Thanks so much for sharing your work!

  15. Amazing {{{Christopher}}}
    I wonder if that's where i am at?
    I wonder, for you this was a few months ago. Did the slippery slope
    fall away? Did you cross the dry desert? And what was the explosion like:)

  16. i think the aliens took Christopher away.... he warned me about them.... he had a special relationship.....

  17. Ah, the aliens...maybe that is okay...

    I was worried he had slipped either into the dry desert or the total eclipse...

    Hope they let you come back soon Christopher;)

  18. Christopher, I hope you are ok... I was sick and AWOL for a bit, and now you... I hope the aliens are treating you kindly!! :)

  19. Heeyyyyy....come back!

    I miss you!

  20. Christopher, I hope you aren't ill again. We're worried about you.


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