Monday, May 25, 2009

Firing God, Finding The Balance

Speaking of fantasy. I hope nobody thinks I really talk like this to God, or thump him on the noggin... That's probably not something I would do... And what is that "back in the last days of earth" thing?

Firing God

God, you're keeping score?
I fired you for that
Back in the last days of Earth.
Don't come around here
With your tally marks.
I'll have to thump your noggin.
Imagine talking
To you like I do.
It's what comes from old friendship.

January 6, 2009 9:34 AM


Actually, there is a connection to my life in this one. In AA we will say of the Higher Power, if He is not working for you, you can borrow mine. And another way, if He is not working for you then fire Him and get a new one. In the meantime, maybe Group Of Drunks will work, otherwise known as God With Skin On.

And this next poem is one I am rather fond of. I actually think sometimes when a poem like this comes to me that I may have some hope after all.

Finding The Balance

I am here again,
Trying to figure it all,
Trying to square things.

I know I'm not all alone,
That others wish to balance
The ball precisely.

The perfect poem won't fit
In the perfect life.

January 6, 2009 9:57 AM


  1. "Firing God" - fantasy, yes, but it is indicative of the close relationship you have with God. It runs through much of your poetry.

    Christopher, even those of us who aren't addicted have balancing to do. I know something about AA and alcoholism - my sister - so I know the struggle, at least as well as someone who doesn't do it can know. The problem, at least for her, is in trying to be perfect.

  2. Perfect?

    Yeah right :)

    As for firing god...hee hee....time is irrelevant there


  3. It is difficult, Karen, to be proactive without appearing reactive. I do not mean to exclude others who do not have addiction illness. I do mean to speak from some success in recovery. I cannot write as if the most important survival skills in my life do not exist, nor can I express them well without also expressing where they come from. I am just not that good at it. It is the problem of living a particular life. Perfect is not my problem, but I do wish to know it all. It is hard to try to know it all without looking like a know it all.

    Michelle, you girl.

  4. Dear, dear Christopher!

    I'll always think green flames when I think of you!

    (Sorry, can't think of individual comments for all your poems, but I read them all.)

  5. {{{Lucy}}}
    I am happy you stopped by.

  6. i fired the god without
    and hired the god within
    thus i found my balance...



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