Sunday, May 17, 2009

In Your Service, Mean Spirit

There is something to swearing fealty. It is fantasy and yet is also true in deep heart levels, in intentionality. This is the very same place that if magic is to exist, magic involves.

In Your Service

I will tend, honor
You as a blossom gives life,
And you will not die
Today, nor will you
Even fall ill in this time.
So I swear to you.
So will I do this
As I am called by my lord
To act in your stead.

In this way will my final
Place be ever by your side.

January 3, 2009 8:40 AM


And of course there is the other side of things. In some strange way how we can reach beyond ourselves do not cancel out. They can't. Otherwise there would never be the appearance of dark magic in the world, not the stuff of horror movies but the real thing, access of deeper energies to enhance activities on the planet that end up arguably evil.

Mean Spirit

You are so damn pleased
With who and where you are now
That I just must snarl
And stamp my sore feet
In sheer jealousy, that French

Then I go and bang
My aching fat head against
Another damn wall.

January 3, 2009 10:23 AM


  1. Banging my aching fat head against a wall sounds pretty good to me right now :)

    Had to giggle.


  2. The first poem i like, ah... that's how i feel for my loved ones.
    Wishing it would never turn into...
    the second one.... well, i hope i am not around when you act like that :)

  3. I admit, it is way more fun to write poetry about these fat head things than to be in them.

    As for the beautiful, I admit even in the high heat of them I know they can't last. Bummer.

  4. Oh that second poem! Ouch. Hit a nerve with me :P. A little too true. I seem particularly good at banging my head against walls...

    I love the first poem -- and the fantasy of it -- To try to live up to such fealty is near impossible -- maybe I come closest to feeling this for my children...

  5. Faith, this is where we may have lost something in losing royalty. That kind of fealty has never been, even in fantasy, for common folk, but for lesser royalty with greater royalty, or perhaps with illicit lovers within royalty, such as Launcelot (French) with Guinevere (also French but married to an English king).

    This means even in fantasy, such love is rare. But to turn the circle, rare does not mean it doesn't exist, just that it takes special circumstances. To create that love, create the circumstances. Or perhaps it is better left to God to do it.

  6. Also, take the lesson from Launcelot and Guinevere, that from the outside, such love may look banal and tawdry even when it is not, appear to be adultery when it is instead the glory of God's Love manifest within the hearts of lovers.

  7. I have rediscovered a renewed re-engagement with not only the word but the sentiment ..fealty; now I will reflect.

  8. Maybe when it comes to love, it is trust that allows fealty to exist. Without trust, what could there be?

    As to fat heads...never heard of 'em.

    What happened to you in that hour and a bit?

  9. Harlequin, Indeed. The absolute best time of my life was an illicit love that had the essence of romantic love raised above all sensibility, and since illicit, enforced a many tentacled discipline in order to keep us and her children safe for the two years it lasted. I have never felt both such joy and such pain, never been more alive.

    From the outside, just another tawdry adultery.

    But even now neither of us would agree with that. And. We. Were. Never. Found. Out. At least not by the important people.

    Would I do it again? With her as it was then? Yes. Yes. Yes. Fealty indeed. Would I accept her back now eight years later? Maybe, probably, perhaps. Would I enter this with someone else? Probably not, not without a similar intensity of love. I do not and did not take adultery lightly.

  10. Erin, I ain't sayin :) I guy has to have a little fun...

  11. I would give you my heart,
    swear fealty in a generous moment;
    give it all away.

    All I ask
    is that you please, please
    don't ever
    make me regret it.

  12. Oh Lord, the PRESSURE!

    It's a problem :)


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