Saturday, May 30, 2009

In Living Color, Two Faiths

This first poem is quite personal and I have no right to explain it. Something happened that was amazing to me, that I actually did not expect. It was a very good gift, this "unmasking". It renewed my faith in spirit wishes and the strength of friendship.

In Living Color

To think I was there
At the unmasking moment
And saw your true face.
This is like early
Crocuses coming up, out
With their bright blue blooms
Just after the snows.
They too guess right times
As you did just now, showing
Courage in the gray.

January 9, 2009 9:23 AM


This next poem is a continuation of yesterday's discussion. I should explain a little on the quark side of things. Science guys have a real sense of humor, hence the name quark, which comes from the writings of James Joyce and they name quark attributes using all the names that I have used and more with the exception that I should have said color instead of green. Ordinary quarks and exotic quarks...the difference is that huge energies that begin to approach the energy of the so called big bang (this too is science humor) are required to give signs of the exotic quarks.

Ordinary quarks are bound in triads in matter-like particles such as neutrons and protons. They are found in pairs in fermions, a quark and its anti-quark, which if not bound as found, then anihilate and become photons of another sort, themselves a quark and its anti-quark. And that's the trouble with quarks. Under our cold conditions there is not enough energy available to break the bonds of the strong nuclear force and no quark can be found unbound to other quarks. Thus you can never "see" quarks directly.

What you can do is create special events of such high energies (thus hot) that you get telltales, but even then this cannot be maintained (there is no vessal to contain these energies) for more than the smallest amount of time (virtually no time at all) and the quarks are bound again, all new particles but still bound. So you have to trace the changes and understand that if quarks are not there doing all this, the profusion of particles and the changes in them cannot be understood at all. They call all this the Standard Model of Quantum Mechanics. There is a whole bunch more, of course, all based on real time instrument readings and very careful theoretical thinking and really difficult mathematics. Further, all this takes place with certain stages of it happening in public before other trained professionals, any one of which can and will challenge either the theory and/or the data if they think they have a way to challenge and thus achieve a better career position. This matter of professionalism provides a strong control in the dialog. If you want to join, you are going to have to accept a deep scholastic discipline and master mathematics and laboratory disciplines and risk failing at that quest.

No one has ever seen a quark, but they "know" quarks exist. Of course at the quark level, exist is an odd word, out of place, a characteristic of stuff orders of magnitude up the scale of appearance, indeed, Newtonian, and not really applicable to quarks. For example, quarks are sized so as to slip in and out of time as we know it. There is no way to tell time at the level of quarks. Time runs forwards and backwards equally easily. While this is true, so to speak, it is not useful. There is no way to do anything with that "fact". Facts require time as we know it. Quarks are of their nature beyond time as we know it. Time is still fuzzy this way one level up, but already there is a tendency toward the arrow of time that we know.

Two Faiths

My friend the faith guy
Believes in God's breath unseen.
I have another
Friend who believes stuff.
He's a quantum mechanic.
No matter how hard
He tries, he can't see
Quarks, up, down, charmed, strange, or green.
This makes my eyes itch.

January 9, 2009 10:25 AM


  1. Oh yes.

    Yet again....

    I have stopped being surprised :)

    It's all different now anyway isn't it.....


  2. masks never hide
    they reveal
    sending a tempest of waves
    toward my soul...
    i try to put them in the vessel of words
    but they always overflow...

  3. Michelle, I truly enjoy your visits. :)

    Human Being, if you ever have to lie, with such overflows, you will be a terrible liar, easily found out. I recommend you live an amazing honest life to avoid this difficulty.

  4. I enjoy coming here Christopher...:)

  5. Christopher, Thank you for being one of the few bright spots in my very painful life. I really enjoy reading your writings.

  6. Would you believe I've been thinking ALOT on quarks and energy lately. There are a lot of answers here but I'll be damned, they are just left of center of my understanding, but yet I feel them out with my tongue, almost as though I might taste them.

    I don't think scientists and the religious are as far removed from each other as they might think. I think it is a matter of them speaking different languages.

  7. for you Christopher
    kisses turning
    into hugs
    no matter what
    even if
    i never see a quark
    never know quite what
    or how
    i live my life
    for love
    and kisses
    warm & soft
    after snow

  8. Michelle, :D

    Piratedred, I did visit your site. Been there, done that, my friend. Have the t-shirt, as they say. I love and attach (though that doesn't necessarily mean I do it well) I lost my wife of over twenty years, then my first girlfriend after, then the next one after that. Each was a painful situation unique to itself. Actually, over time you will discover most of us have had this experience in spades. It is survivable.

    Now I am doing well as a single man.

    Erin, quarks sound political, all left of center in your understanding. I don't have it either, just certain pieces. I am actually taking two college level courses that offer this information on dvd. The Teaching Company, google it, get a list of courses. They aren't that expensive, less than college is, and these you get to keep, take and retake. And no grades :)

    I have seen the argument between the sciences and religion and don't agree with it either. The dominant position I think among scientists is more like religion just isn't that interesting. There are the few who are adamant atheists. They are vocal. The rank and file are all over the map spiritually, just like the rest of us. And when you judge these guys and gals you need to remember that the overwhelming majority of scientists are neither in the public eye nor on the cutting edge of quantum mechanical research. They work for industry, the medical profession or university in labs and classrooms, or as salesmen with technical expertise, or in government on government programs, going just like the rest of us to where the money teats are, raising families and all the rest. Just like the rest of us, trained in some way, they not only do work but manage their passage through bureaucracy and corporate land, have a job description and do their best to survive all that intact.

    Jozien, What a good poem, thank you. I feel warmer now.

  9. I like "right times", love crocuses and courage in the gray.

  10. Karen, For most of my adult life I have been studying the times, the 64 styles of the time as expressed in a very old Chinese document. It is claimed there that the nature of the world and the nature of man is such that there are these 64 discernable shapes of duration and if you can learn to recognize them or otherwise find them as they appear then a great deal of trouble and confusion can be avoided. How to gracefully move or hold still with the nature of the timing is a core need in a spiritual life.

    It may be that two otherwise identical situations take place under different timings and thus what may be called for as a choice or a response will be different. This notion is not foreign to western astrology but the system is not at all the same.

    I am of course referring to I Ching. This is an ancient book, considerred one of the five ancient Chinese classics. No classical Chinese education was complete without a mastery of these five books.

    Ghost, I am not at all surprised that you are fond of masks. Me too, as light hearted games go. However, to actually hide behind a mask can be difficult in the long run. Many alcoholics live double lives and it can kill them.


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