Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Up Shit Creek, Zen Moment

There is a photo that went round the internet titled "I found it". The picture was of the Shit Creek paddle store. Here's a poem about that situation...

Up Shit Creek

To walk on water
I would have to levitate.

If I hold my breath
Will I then begin?

Billy tells me, get a boat.

I am up a creek.
The paddle store is around
The bend, the canoe's there too.


Another derivative poem, a zen koan, First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is. Donovan I believe sang of this one. I don't mind not striving for one huge original poem. How about an original body of work? How about 6000 poems, all different but all pointing somewhere human? How about that happening from all kinds of points of view, high, low, stupid, brilliant.

I read a blurb today that pointed out that artists and those who strive for spiritual attainment both seek the unique real vision of the Whole or something like that. It read like a one time thing. Yet my hero Hafiz was a Sufi mystic, in orders, following a master. One of those orders it is reputed, that he must fashion at least one poem a day. It is not a one time thing. It is a practice. Like doctors and lawyers and saints practice. You can't be brilliant and great all the time. You have to settle for competent, or for quick amends if not even competent sometimes.

Zen Moment

First there is a mount
Then, wait, who took it away?
I was almost there!

I'll snuffle and pout awhile
Over that missing mountain.

Wander off, but wait...
Something's amiss, looking back
It's there again!

So I hope you can take a joke....There's a saying about that too, but that's bar talk.


  1. Hi there. Hope you are having a good time talking about creativity and all. You seem to have struck a chord. All the strings in tune...

  2. my poetry is mainly inspired by nonsense:

    suk intanet
    a tiny 'lil

    if i had me some money
    i'd buy 'im sum g*d d*mn

  3. kissufa he on puter
    lebenty hours a day
    and don wanna do no mo

    hopin Obama don
    get wind o this

    yu won smart fella

  4. Amen again on the Broad Band...Alas
    to live without broad band.....(really!)
    Thanks for the creativity comment...Hey this community is about...creativity..expressions..recovery and love beautiful man.Bless them everyone

  5. I play an off chord...a lost chord and minor Chords...Christopher.I know you know that

  6. You are funny you....not fat and old ...or if you insist...it is not all of who you are kiddo~
    Enough of that

  7. What's funny about Eb? I shoulda said D#??

  8. Just like all the little twists and turns you do with words. Hope your weekend is a good one

  9. Thank you, dear. I have one more day in the mines. Actually it's in the cracker factory. Really. We make Ritz, Saltines, Snacks like Wheat Thins or Chicken In A Biscuit, Oreos (where the outer cookies are called biscuits - that's bakery talk, Oreos are an iced biscuit sandwich), and Chips Ahoy!...that's a cookie. So I do. This place is several football fields long and about ten ordinary stories high at the highest, with a two story deep basement also. The building is so long it has three 2" expansion joints built in to avoid trouble, just like long bridges do.


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