Monday, January 19, 2009

Mental Condition, At The Crossroads

In my youth there were periods I lived with many people. As a small child I was a single child. Later, my mother took in my cousin, a girl a year and a couple months younger, two grades behind. I was in sixth and she in fourth grades. Knowing there was a boy in the family, I had hoped for him, but I did not of course know some difficult realities about all that. I do okay with people and now after all the years of marriage, I have been single with people living in the house and not. I am okay alone, but it's different now. In my back yard I rent a separate building studio apartment, now for over a year to an old friend who also wishes alone time often enough. And for the last 25 plus years I have had the fellowship of AA.

Alone, not alone. Which is better?

Mental Condition

I seek constantly
For companions, having found
Beyond all questions
That I am no true hermit,
That I am in a bad place
Alone with my mind
Which talks to me so non-stop
I can't get me in.

Kept from my own mind,
Living the foolish results,
I seek light in friends.
But then when friends speak
And it's worse than my voices,
Small understanding,
Then I sit alone
And practice to get my head
To quiet down some.


I am not in relationship with God to have a placid life. I didn't get into this thing clean and deep in me is a spur, a goad. I need to argue, wrestle, roll around in the dirt with Him. It doesn't matter I'll lose. I'm like the too small man who always fights the bigger guys in this holy arena. But there is something to this. I don't think He wants kids. I think He wants stand up hearts and souls, people mature enough to look Him square in the eye. And I don't think He wants any of us to come home until we all do. No one left behind. That's the rallying cry in the war zones. It feels right there. It feels right here too.

At The Crossroads

I'm at the crossroads
But one path requires great wings
That will lift me up.

I regret no wings.
So many attempts to change,
To reshape my life.

I demand new holy skin.

(What do you think this gets me?)


  1. ow 'bout dis missa mon.... ow 'bout sumtyme u lone, sumtyme wif sumbuddy an alsways feeel goood wuttevah..... ow 'bout dat missa Chrisuffa?

    i bet Rah lyk rastlin' wif u 2..... She prolly tink u a qute 1.......
    here's another picture i just made....

  2. Hi Christopher
    Both poems show so much truth. I used to live alone in a cabin in the woods. The winters were long. I had many silent days. At the time, I thought I couldn't wait to be around more people...but now I could really use some of that silence.

    On another note, stop by my blog sometime. I have a "Friends" award for you. Please feel no obligation to post it. I am thinking it is not really your style:) But I did want you to know that I think you are vey kind, and certainly work at forming a community. Thanks:)

  3. Ghost, at this time in my life much of what I do is a retro. I have memory, keen memory for emotional states. So I write from me now, me then, me dream, me simply make it up, from the others I know well, from logic, from experience.

    I will agree that I will feeel goood alla tyme if you will agree that capitalists make politics with capitalism running their behinds. In other words, capitalism as it exists in America IS the de facto government - an oligarchy that runs most things. The pragmatic piece of the deal: lip service to our democratic institutions, knowing them well enough to make them work. I see this every day at work.

  4. Faith, you touch me. You're right. I do work at community if I can. I will stop by in due course. I consider you a friend.

  5. "I will agree that I will feeel "goood alla tyme if you will agree that capitalists make politics with capitalism running their behinds....."

    no doubt about it..... thanks for your insights on my blog. i like the concept of Communism as a Christian heresy.

    Capitalism is a heresy for some Christians.....

    ....render unto Caesar etc.

  6. Well I have to feel good all the whining???

    How can I live without whining??


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