Sunday, January 4, 2009

Summer Rain, The Full Cup

In Oregon's Willamette Valley, in the Portland Metro area, the end of summer gets dry and hot, but occasionally the marine air will succeed at driving over the coast range, not much more than hills. When it gets across, a surprise rain is quite welcome. When this happens on a weekend as it did here, I am usually happy to watch the celebration. I am sure that the foliage in Oregon, used to frequent moisture as it is, is capable of dancing in the rain that breaks a dry summer spell.

Summer Rain

The sea takes summer,
Puts it to bed for a nap.
Rain comes from the south.

And my garden gets up then
In rainy green gratitude.

My old cat comes in
To lie next to me,
Waiting for the rain to cease.

Tea is a holy drink, or should be. This is the source of the Japanese tea ceremonies, that tea is a holy drink. I try to remember this when I brew tea.

So much has happened in my life. I notice the aging process removes things. One that happened to me, I was a many cup a day coffee drinker, even past the time that the diuretic quality of coffee was obviously a bad thing for me. A health issue pushed me to a homeopath who practices classical homeopathy within the framework of a naturopathic license as well. He did a classical intake and determined that my mate was Agaricus Muscaria. He told me I had to quit coffee for homeopathic remedies to work, also no peppermint. The essential oils. I followed instructions. It worked really well. So did quitting coffee. Now I drink mostly water, some sparkling water, and sometimes tea (I hope with reverence).

The Full Cup

On bent knee I bow
Old soul to the holy tea
That slows me, warms me.

I want a full cup of light.
I want to drink the whole draught.

Then I lay me down
And tumble on God's own mat
Placed here for us all.


  1. Oh Christopher... This is lovely and certainly has the energy of having been done with reverence. It feels to be the declaration with which you wish/are living life.

    I have to tell you again or now if I have not. You so remind me of my brother...he teaches theater at Otterbein in Ohio.He was 60 in June.
    Thank you for this post

  2. Linda, I don't know what it is, but I have all my life reminded people of someone else. I don't believe this to be me, but whoever says these things in most cases. How do I explain it? That we all project and some of us receive projection better than others. Your projection goes in and finds purchase because it is welcomed, sort of. I don't know how to say it.

    The chameleon takes on coloration of the background, but that is actually the chameleon's doing. I believe that some of us are like that only use another's vision to do it. This is quite innocent from all sides, or at least I have never tried to see if I could manipulate it. That is way beyond my native talents for magic and would require that I find a shapeshifting master.

    I am a Pisces moon, highly focused in my chart and I think it has something to do with that.

    Anyway, that I remind people of others is invariably complimentary, those who say so mean it that way. Obviously you do too. How that reflects on me, your brother certainly has qualities you like and so I seem to have. I hope I actually have them. I am 63 and back in nineteen hundred and froze to death was a drama major for a short time, the son of a woman who graduated phi beta kappa and valedictorian of her class in speech and drama from Cal Berkeley.

  3. Welcomed summer rains gets me in the reminiscing mood.
    Good read Christopher...

  4. I am a tea lovers as well and loved this tribute to tea...

  5. Cherie, I have been visiting your blog, of course, and decided to follow before I got here and found out you're following me too. I am pleased you like my tribute to tea.

  6. Christopher
    I see the thought and the concept behind the chameleon and I know the projection process and those who are so good at receiving it...and being it and looking for it even.

    I expect many of them are healers ....and sensitives...from many lifetimes and of course still now.

    I was an avid fiction fantasy reader for so many years I am reluctant to give the number. It started in grade school. Gene Wolfe or perhaps Silverberg did a story/book ...too long ago to pull up the details called the Secret Sharers...Did you ever encounter any of the stories by chance?

    Bottom your your energy...except I would add soul to that if I knew you more.

  7. Linda, I read a good deal of Silverbob in my day, and many others, like LeGuin, Herbert, Brunner, well, I don't have to name them since you know them all anyway. I graduated directly from comic books to my dad's collection of science fiction monthlies in the early fifties.

    I don't care you know how long ago.

    Every new town, I would read through every kid's sf book in the library, and move on to the adults. In Freshman and Sophomore high school years, I learned to steal from the drug store by buying one and walking out with a couple others while I did. My habit was insatiable.

    All that was basically over when I turned into a Hippie and started living in outer space :)

    When my drug years were over in 72, I was avid for astrology and I Ching, and never went back to sf.


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