Friday, January 2, 2009

Stolen Gold, Mage

The moon is traditionally feminine because it is shining with reflected light.

In the geocentric astrological universe, it is also closest, the most intimate light. It is the most immediately influential source of daily change, a tidal force not only on water outside but inside. Scientists are quick to point out that only sun and moon, the one because of its overwhelming energy and gravity, the other because of its closeness, can be considered influential in human affairs.

Astrologers agree that these are chief, along with the geocentric spatial orientation of the moment chosen. But astrologers believe that the solar system is unitary and that all its main components, the lights and planets, color its inner space. That coloring is geometric and harmonic. Astrology in this way is closer to the arts than to the sciences.

Only fools think this astrological influence is direct, some kind of ray or unknown force. The sciences would have found signs long ago and have not. Believe me, scientists have looked, still look in ever more subtle ways. As well, only fools think that the arts inherent in the solar system, indeed in the cosmos are of no account. These arts must be witnessed very differently from the measurements taken of scientific data.


Stolen Gold

Lady moon shining
On the country of my soul,
You feed me with dreams.

I shall quest beyond these woods
To the dragon's darker lair.

I shall bring you gold
Stolen from the writhing snake.
I'll stun him with smoke.

As for magic, it is first and foremost a relationship with and an artistic arrangement of spiritual powers. To expect any success without a profound respect and understanding of one's place within all these powers is to court madness.

Make no mistake despite all the popular renderings of black magic, it is neither easy nor advised in any way. Black magic requires an iron discipline far beyond the capacity of most of us. Otherwise it eats you, and the remnant is usually a creature less than human of psychopathic or sociopathic nature, why this magic is called black. The best depiction, the one ring of power and Gollum in Lord of the Rings.

However, what is often called white magic, is relatively harmless, but it too requires profound respect and understanding of one's place within all the powers. Otherwise it becomes foolish superstition.

Most often, paths toward magic require guides, either mages, witches, or spirits.



Stand on a high point
After traversing deserts
And open your heart.
As the sun rises
Sending daggers of young light
Into you deeply
Invoke the power
As it grows and rise with it.
From your new height, live.


  1. Christopher, it is so wonderful to be back and reading your beautiful words. Thank you so much for your kindness and support during this difficult time. Your soul shines through, and it is appreciated very much.

    I love "Stolen Gold" and "Mage" very much. You are indeed prolific, yet excellent. I love these lines:

    "I shall bring you gold
    Stolen from the writhing snake.
    I'll stun him with smoke."

    Again, I also love your dragon:) You are right about dark magic, which is why I run from it. No need to play with what I don't understand, right? Also, I love your insight about the moon, the cosmos, and art. I never thought of it that way, and it makes much sense.

    Thanks again for sharing your work. This is very powerful.

  2. Moons keep rising in my poems too. I enjoyed this one very much.

  3. Julie, I am so sound asleep when you are stirring...

    I am no practitioner of magic, but I do not shrink from my own talents either. Much of these arts are a matter of inner nature, talent, we often call it. Back in the fifties science fiction writers called esp type manifestations, "wild talents" and they of course got the term from a larger cultural context. Ways of sensing beyond your skin, ways of acting beyond your skin. These are definitely part of the realm of magic.

    I look at this stuff as a matter of talent, and a matter of calling. Another way of speaking about it, one's heritage and lineage as cause, and one's destiny as cause.

    In astrology, this is traditionally thought of as symbolized most directly as the Moon's nodes, that the South Node is the archetypal past and the North Node is the archetypal destiny. One is warned against resting too much in the past, which seems easy and peaceful.

    Some of us are suited for magical journeys, but the dark arts have a poor reputation for very good reasons.

    I believe that most of what happens is not really "wrong", and the ascendency of scientific methods of manipulating reality count as indications of God's will for us. In other words, the magical arts, and the former guides like astrology are more our past than our future. Stating this is in no way denying that certain individuals may be required in the flow of destiny to serve as custodians and practitioners of these arts.

    IMHO :)

  4. Dick, thanks for your kind words. Thank you for visiting. I went to your site and found that I shall be returning.


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