Thursday, January 1, 2009

Clean Up, True Words

I was asked at another blog if I make these things up on the fly and mostly yes, I do. I know I'm not the only one. The longer they get, the more I have to edit, though. I have no problem with that part either. I have made my living as a drafter and wordsmith and long ago learned that I do not own the words, that the words do not own the meaning. There are hundreds of ways and dozens of styles to say the same thing. If it doesn't work, then to the scrap heap with it. More than a few have gone there. I mostly don't even know what I am going to say when I start.

In AA's Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions Bill wrote the story of Rule 62 which is the suggestion that I might do better if I don't take myself too seriously. Here's one of those poems

Clean Up

Man, I dread blown minds.
There's too much clean up after
My old head explodes.

But then I have to admit
That when it goes, my head grins
And more, it tickles.

So I guess I'll let my cat
Clean up the scatter.

Old Hippies never die...they keep thinking big. They want peace and love to overcome war and conflict and they want true vision to change the world. Here's a poem in that spirit.

True Words

I have appeared here
Toting poems in a sack
Slung across my back
As if I had a way through
Buried somewhere in the words.

Yes that's true, I hope.
Please sift the words, discard all
But the truest ones.

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  1. Happy New Year Christopher, and many thanks for your precious offerings, howsoever composed.


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